March 26, 2020

Woo your beloved with a special solitaire ring

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When you choose a solitaire ring for your beloved, you ensure that it is perfect in every way. In fact, you are even ready to spend what it takes. Even if we do set a budget, we end up ignoring it and spending more. And that is perfectly okay because love does not come with a price tag!

Whether it is a proposal or an anniversary gift, you can choose a lovely diamond ring even from home. And to make it even more special, you can make one for her. She is bound to love the ring as well as the effort. Making a diamond ring may seem difficult but it is quite the opposite. Even if you haven’t bought diamonds before, you need not worry.

With a fairly simple process to make a solitaire ring, you can give your sweetheart a really special one. With the help of these three easy steps, we’ve got you sorted!


Step 1: A beautiful diamond she’ll adore


Choosing a diamond for the ring can be a little tricky. The aim is to select one that you feel will be the best for her. With the help of the filters on the Divine Solitaires online store, you can choose a magnificent solitaire! These user-friendly filters are useful if you want to look for diamonds of a specific colour, clarity and size. A large solitaire works really well if the ring is simple. And if you’re choosing a diamond studded setting, you can easily choose a smaller solitaire.

With a beautiful range of solitaires in the listing, you can choose one or more that appeal to you.


Step 2: Amaze her with a unique setting


When you browse through the various ring designs, you may be tempted to select a few for her. And of course, you can do that. Take a look at all the designs and the settings. And if you see something that will really define her style, then that’s the one for her. If she loves the pave setting for her ring, you can choose something like that. Or if she prefers a more simple design, we have those for her as well.


Step 3: A solitaire ring, just for her


In this last step, all you have to do is pair the setting and the diamond together. Now, you have an amazing solitaire ring. And what makes it more special is that you created it for her. Gifts like these become more meaningful when there is a personal touch. She is going to love the one you give her.

And rest assured that you will have a beautiful ring that will exceed your expectations!

A celebration with a beautiful piece of solitaire jewellery can make everything so much better. If you’re planning to propose to her with a ring like this, she is going to be absolutely charmed. And if it is an anniversary gift, you know that she really deserves something as precious as this ring!

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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