February 29, 2020
solitaires and diamonds

Why are solitaires and diamonds special during weddings?

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Planning a wedding is probably the most elaborate task you will ever undertake. All of this to make sure that your wedding is the perfect one. So, at least let the worry of getting the perfect solitaires and diamonds in place rest on someone reliable.

There’s so much shopping to do, plenty of invitations to go around and several people to coordinate with. Plus you also have to catch up on some beauty sleep and look stress-free.

A bride’s wedding trousseau must include at least one piece of solitaire bridal jewellery. This means the beginning of a hunt for the perfect solitaire.

The brightest solitaires come with the Ex.Ex. Ex Plus cut which means excellent cut, excellent polish and excellent symmetry.


The solitaires and diamonds at your wedding


Your wedding day is among the most important days in your life. The pictures will stay for a long time to come. And so the solitaire wedding jewellery you wear has to stand out.

Find a good brand that offers a fine range of solitaires and diamonds. Leave no stone unturned to look gorgeous. And while you think of the expense, also think of its relevance.

The possibilities for solitaire jewellery designs are endless. You can also plan months before the wedding and have it custom-made. Some brides choose to go for light designs, while some others choose designs for rich bling. In any way, you can always control the budget, design and ultimately, the look!

Diamonds signify a new beginning and life-long commitment as they stay forever, strong, beautiful and unharmed. This makes it the perfect stone for a wedding ceremony.

Most brides choose to have at least one solitaire on their wedding jewellery. And it’s okay to go for more! There’s also your mother and your sibling who will want to wear something just as special.

Solitaire jewellery promises versatility like no other. No matter what colour lehenga you choose for your special day, solitaires do justice to each and every one of them. A single, well-planned set can cover a complete three-day wedding affair.


Look your best on that special day


A great way to decide your wedding look is to try on some solitaire jewellery designs with your outfit. You will end up choosing the one that looks the best on you.

Your wedding is also a very auspicious day. Your family is on their toes all day to ensure that all rituals are completed as they’re supposed to be.

Diamonds have been an important part of Indian weddings since ancient times. Their association with good luck and success put them in a revered spot.

To ensure that everything stays top-notch during your big day, get your hands only on certified solitaire jewellery.

And what better than a quality guarantee certification that grades your precious diamond jewellery on 123 parameters? There’s already so much to worry about and your wedding jewellery shouldn’t burden you.

Each piece of solitaire jewellery you wear on your big day should integrate class, beauty and elegance. Plan wisely to ensure that only the highest quality solitaires make it to your treasure box.

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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