January 29, 2020
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The best settings for your engagement ring

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Our diamond engagement rings are special because they’ve come from someone special. The diamond and the design of your ring will naturally be different from all your other rings. But did you know that the setting plays an important role in beautifying your diamond engagement ring? We’ll help you check out the best settings that take the glamour quotient of your ring up by a notch!

Whether you choose to customise your diamond engagement ring or buy a readymade one is a matter of choice. But customisation has its advantages. For one, the ring you design will be unique in its own way. If you want something classic and timeless, you can create it that way. Or if you want more diamonds or details, you can choose to add them.

While there are many types of ring settings, few are actually good enough for your diamond engagement ring. You need to choose from the best settings that perfectly complement your solitaire engagement ring. Apart from that, there is, of course, the choice of diamonds and the design which will add to the beauty of the ornament.


The best settings for engagement rings


The prong setting

The prong setting is among the most popular engagement ring settings. Not only is it a classic but also adds more definition to the solitaire that it secures. Depending on how large the diamond is and how you want the design, you can use four or six prongs. With smaller diamonds, four prongs always work better.



best settings
#RF1633: Four-prong solitaire ring for her



engagement ring setting
#RF2103: Veiled glitter women’s diamond ring



Even the prong setting comes in different forms. Apart from the rounded prongs, you have claw-shaped prongs that work best with elongated solitaire shapes or the princess cut. The prong setting allows light to easily pass through the stone since there’s less metal in contact with the diamond. 


Halo setting

If you’re looking for a grand design for your engagement ring, what better than the halo setting? An engagement ring’s halo is almost always studded with diamonds. It obviously adds more sparkle to the centrepiece. But apart from that, it also gives the solitaire a better outline and more definition. If the diamond is round, you can have a circular halo or a square one for your princess cut. Moreover, it acts as a decorative outline for the diamond at the centre of the ring.



best setttings
#RF2082: Glitter diamond ring for her



solitaire ring settings
#RF2083: Haloed glitter women’s diamond ring



The halo setting is yet another one among the best settings for engagement rings. If your solitaire is a small one, you can use a studded halo setting to add more volume to it. Naturally, the stone will look larger with all that brilliance. Even otherwise, bigger diamonds can also use a halo setting, perhaps with lesser diamonds.


Other designs that you can choose


The cathedral setting is another beauty and among the best settings that one can have for their diamond engagement ring. It is a classic and delicate ring setting that gives the diamond an elevated appearance. It is best to use a simple band design if you opt for the cathedral setting.

The three-stone setting is also quite popular with engagement rings. The two smaller side stones act as a support for the main solitaire. Apparently, the three stones on this setting signify the past, present and the future. Therefore, this setting is not just limited to engagement rings. You can choose this setting for a ring that you want to gift your partner on your anniversary.



best settings
#RF2089: Clustered trio women’s diamond ring



best settings
#RF2092: Glittering trinity diamond ring



The metallic touch

Did you know that the metal colour can affect the appearance of your solitaire jewellery? Yellow and rose gold add a very festive touch to the jewellery while white makes for a more classic appearance. However, when it comes to solitaire engagement rings, all the three colours are perfect for an engagement ring. Yet, quite a few people choose white gold because of its resemblance to platinum and its classic appeal.

When you select from the best settings for your diamond ring, it gives your ornament the perfect design. Ring settings are not just for supporting the diamond but also for making the ring look even prettier!

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