August 27, 2019

The Ballerina Collection: Bringing more sparkle

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When it comes to solitaires and solitaire jewellery, we ladies love showing off our finest collections. The sparkle, as well as the design of solitaire jewellery, is enticing. You could even say that they complement one another. The Ballerina Collection from Divine Solitaires combines the beauty of the solitaire and the design, and the charm of the wearer.

The solitaire at the centre of the ornament reflects more light and brings the jewel to life. Imagine a ballerina’s dance. What we see is an effortless, beautiful and delicate ballet on stage.



But behind every step is the core strength and balance that the dancer has to master.


The story of Ballerina


The ones behind the creation of Ballerina wanted moving or dancing diamonds to showcase an effortless shine. Making this stationary diamond move can enhance its appeal multifold. A light design coupled with the solitaire in the centre speaks of the qualities of a ballerina.

The perfect solitaire is the one that dazzles brightly at the slightest movement. We love twirling the diamond ring on our finger to see the stone sparkle. If it is a pair of diamond earrings, we nod our heads while talking to show off the shine. So, you know how the allure of a solitaire works!





Don’t save diamond jewellery only for special occasions. That way they’ll spend more time inside your locker than adorning you. An ideal solitaire jewellery collection is one that you can sport daily. At the same time, it cannot be too showy or heavy; it has to be simple yet attractive.


The formal look


A little sparkle cheers everyone up. This collection was created to fit in with all kinds of formal wear. Deciding between your knee-length pencil skirt or a pair of trousers could be a dilemma. But that won’t be the case with Ballerina. As beautiful as the dancing diamond may be, it is definitely not a distraction at the office! And the compliments are on the way.


The party look 


The perfect companion for any kind of partywear is chic solitaire jewellery. We agree that choosing the right dress and shoes for an evening can be a task. But when it comes to jewellery, Ballerina has got you covered.



One can definitely rock a pretty dress with an open neck and a solitaire necklace from Ballerina.



Everyone loves dressing up carefully even if they’re busy and short on time. For most women, getting dressed up includes some jewellery too. Lightweight trinkets such as solitaire jewellery are ideal for all kinds of outfits and occasions. Ballerina is the collection you can rely on, whether you’re dressed for work or for a party.

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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