March 16, 2020
halo engagement ring

Say yes to a halo engagement ring!

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An everlasting romantic relationship begins with the engagement ceremony. And it includes the best moments from your courtship period. Your partner and you are ready for the big moment when you know its for real. The engagement is a lovely way to seal the deal, isn’t it? Everything is so good to be true that you don’t want to delay it any more. An engagement ring is on top of the list. Even better if it is a halo engagement ring.

What is it that makes a halo engagement ring so special? Naturally, it is the extra shine and brilliance that makes the diamond ring look attractive. A diamond ring by itself is quite valuable. And if you’re proposing her with something so beautiful, then it becomes even more unique! You can even opt for a grander option with a halo engagement ring. After all, who doesn’t want the best ring for such a special moment?


A special halo engagement ring for her


Are you willing to look high and low for a ring that will sweep her off the floor? The answer is yes and we know how much of an effort that is. And do we want to make things easier for you? Sure, which is why here are some charming designs you can look at!


halo engagement ring
#RF1761: Stellar rock women’s diamond ring


A solitaire’s attractiveness is multiplied when it is surrounded by a diamond-studded square halo. We’re all for the centre stone getting so much importance. Are you?


solitaire ring for her
#RF1781: Enigma solitaire ring for her


The brilliant semi-bezel set solitaire at the eye of the design is raised above the glittering halo of diamonds. Almost as if the side stones are vying with the centre stone.


halo engagement ring
#RF2078: Floral disc women’s diamond ring


The milgrain outline around the flower-shaped halo on this diamond ring gives the design a very neat and compact appearance. If you think this is the one for you, then don’t hold back.


diamond halo ring
#RF2074: Florid glow diamond ring for her


The decorative halo setting that holds the precious and gleaming solitaire also gives volume to the centrepiece, enhancing its beauty. You truly don’t need any more ornaments to look fabulous.


Some more styles she will love!


solitaire halo ring
#RF2079: Clustered halo women’s diamond ring


When you experiment with slightly more elaborate ring designs, diamond-studded halos are the way to go. The best thing is that you will always have the most beautiful options to choose from.


halo engagement ring
#RF2047: Budding shine women’s solitaire ring


Want to make your solitaire look even more glamourous? Choose a design that not only adds shine with small diamonds but also features a modish halo for the solitaire.


halo engagement ring
#RF2050: Flecked halo women’s diamond ring


The pavé setting on the band and the diamond-studded halo come together to make this ring a fabulous piece! But don’t forget the main solitaire flanked by two side diamonds.


women's solitaire ring
#RF2084: Gold braid women’s diamond ring


A beautiful engagement ring design means that you have selected the right one for her. Now all she has to do is wear it to fall in love with its sparkle.


women's diamond ring
#RF2082: Pavé glitter diamond ring for her


Sweep her off her feet on a romantic date with this elegant solitaire ring. Note the halo, studded with diamonds that highlight the glamour of the magnificent solitaire.

A halo engagement ring always appeals to most women. And how would it not? No matter what design you choose, know that this setting is always a winner! A beautiful relationship should always start with a wonderful ring. The diamonds and the halo setting will do the trick. In the meantime, you prepare for the grand proposal.

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