May 6, 2020
precious gifts

Precious gifts that don’t break the bank

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We love receiving gifts. It could be just an adorable diary but we’ll still love it. That’s because it is the gesture that counts. Gifting jewellery, however, could be a little expensive. But if someone is really close to you and the occasion is exceptionally special, does that matter? When giving precious gifts to someone, it is important to give it wholeheartedly. At the same time, you can’t turn a blind eye to your budget. Why not take a look at some solitaire jewellery that you can gift someone without going bankrupt?


Petite solitaire pendants as precious gifts


There’s nothing like a delicate solitaire pendant to cheer someone up. It is one of the most convenient pieces of jewellery one can sport at any time. Moreover, there is no dearth of beautiful designs when it comes to choosing one. This could be a great gift to give to your best friend on a special occasion.



solitaire necklace
#PF1309: Circling duo solitaire pendant


Diamond stud earrings all the way


Diamond earrings go well with nearly all kinds of attires. If you were to give someone a pair of diamond stud earrings, you wouldn’t think twice. The designs are quite simple and yet pleasing to the eye. And let’s not forget, solitaires can work their magic on any jewellery!



precious gifts
#EF1460: Bright drop solitaire earrings


A diamond bracelet for some shine


A solitaire bracelet is a great option if you know someone who adores them. Quite a few women love sporting bracelets and bangles and you’ll seldom see their bare wrists. If you know someone who can carry this off well, you know what to give them!



solitaire bracelet
#BF1112: Hidden hearts diamond bracelet


Necklaces that make precious gifts


A light diamond necklace can complement anyone’s personal charm very well. It is a beautiful piece of jewellery that most of us love! Irrespective of the attire, a simple diamond necklace can do wonders to the look.



precious gifts
#NK1133: Floating beauty lariat necklace


Jewellery like solitaire rings make for great gifts when you’re giving them your partner or spouse. This is because of ring sizing. You shouldn’t have to guess someone’s ring size, it usually ends up badly. And therefore, simply opt for other pieces of jewellery when you’re unsure.

Another reason for gifting lightweight jewellery is so that it doesn’t keep lying in someone’s safe. Heavy jewellery isn’t something that one would wear daily. On the other hand, the delicate ones are going to be in regular use. Hence, stud earrings over danglers, any day!

Also note that you are quite sure about what you want to give as a gift. Solitaires are really precious gifts and you want to make it look as good as possible!

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