January 15, 2020
men's engagement ring styles

Men’s engagement ring styles: His story

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There is always a lot of fussing around when it comes to selecting an engagement ring for a woman. However, we don’t really talk a lot about men’s engagement ring styles. Mainly because we feel that they can select something that suits them and there isn’t much to it. 

Now that’s a little far from the truth. While men don’t enjoy the fuss, they like the pampering that comes along while shopping for an engagement ring. Like women’s rings, men’s engagement ring styles, too, need to be selected carefully. The basics remain the same – you can either buy a readymade ring or design one yourself.

Do men prefer to customise their engagement rings?


Since the occasion is so special, most men prefer customising the engagement ring, adding their personal element to it. Someone could choose a really simple design, while someone else might want an elaborate one. The thing with solitaire engagement rings is that the designs are quite flexible.

And like women, men, too, have the same concern – having a ring that they can wear all the time. They also prefer to have rings that are more durable than the other rings they wear. This is why customising your own diamond engagement ring is a great option.

You can also choose from some men’s engagement ring styles to understand how you can go about the customisation.

How can you keep a design simple and stylish at the same time? A look at this ring will tell you. The uncomplicated charm of this fine piece makes you want to keep it close to yourself. 


men's engagement ring styles
#RM1274: Seamless solitaire ring for him



Band designs like this one help you make a bold statement. And it gets better if there’s a princess cut solitaire involved. As girly as the cut sounds, solitaires do not discriminate.



men's solitaire engagement ring
#RM1260: Bold charm solitaire ring for him



The split arrow motif meets at the head where the dazzling solitaire lights up the look of this fine ring. A classic two-tone ring can’t get any better.



men's engagement ring styles
#RM1262: Split arrows men’s solitaire ring



This solitaire band wants to make a statement. You can do that too once you wear the ring. Bold looking designs are always expressive.



men's diamond ring
#RM1339: Shining chunks men’s solitaire ring



The tension setting reveals most of the solitaire, adding to the overall charm of this ring. The two indentations on the shoulder of the ring is another adornment when it comes to enriching the look.



men's engagement ring styles
#RM1146: Indented solitaire ring for him



The fold formed by the light ruffled texture on the ring holds the round brilliant solitaire in a tension setting. A ring as unique as this should be yours!



solitaire ring for him
#RM1265: Ruffled solitaire ring for him




The slim layer of coloured gold on this solitaire ring enhances the shine of the metal. It also enhances the glow and the radiance of the semi-bezel set solitaire.



men's engagement ring styles
#RM1276: Double tint men’s solitaire band



Choosing men’s engagement ring styles


Before you start designing your diamond engagement ring, it is best to first put it down on paper. This helps you plan what you don’t want on your ring. Right, not just what you want.

For example, you might want to have a dual-tone pattern. Or a bigger solitaire might appeal to you. Your engagement ring has three parts – the band, the ring sizing and the solitaire. All three are equally important in making the final ornament look classy and elegant.

Classic engagement rings are always a great choice but quite a few men tend to go for offbeat designs. Mind you, offbeat doesn’t necessarily mean something too unusual. It could just be a design that people do not usually wear.

Men’s engagement ring styles are also often confused with men’s fashion rings. It’s true that an engagement ring could also double as a fashion ring but they’re different. Moreover, the former has to be something that you can always wear. The same doesn’t hold true for fashion rings.

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