January 4, 2020
Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti: A sparkling start

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We welcomed the new year with parties, food, drinks and resolutions. Some will be broken and some will stay with us for long. These resolutions could be anything, right from eating healthier food to working harder during the year. While these plans may or may not last for long, we have a suggestion that may work. Why not celebrate Makar Sankranti this year with some brand new diamonds?

Makar Sankranti is an ancient festival that celebrates the solar cycle. In most parts of India, it is a harvest festival or simply the start of a new year. Different states know it by different names and celebrate it in a number of ways, kite-flying being the most popular. Traditionally we have been celebrating it with good food, singing, colourful decorations and fairs. However, with changing times we now use this holiday to spend time with family and close friends. And visiting our near and dear ones means taking some gifts along.

Beginning the new year with diamonds


Diamonds are always a good gifting option. Most of your gifts for other people can be generic. But you can either choose to buy a diamond for yourself or for a few special people in your family. There are two ways to go about it – light solitaire jewellery or a simple solitaire. The reason solitaire jewellery is a good option is because of how light it is. You will not only be spending wisely but also gifting something useful.

Most people do not wear diamond jewellery daily. But with solitaire jewellery, it is different. Being light and versatile, most people today choose to wear it to work and anywhere else they can. For a lot of women, solitaires are a must-have in their jewellery box. It is something that blends in well with all kinds of attire. That way, the jewellery won’t exactly just be lying in the safe for the rest of the time.

Gifting on Makar Sankranti


Since gifting is synonymous with most festivals even worldwide, try gifting a diamond for once. There are ways to ensure that buying solitaire does not burn a hole in your pocket. For one, you can always go for smaller solitaires. Larger stones are not only expensive but also don’t make much sense as a gift.

And if you would rather leave a choice to the receiver of the gift, try giving a solitaire. It is common practice to gift a gold coin instead of gold jewellery. It works that way with solitaire and solitaire jewellery too. Giving someone a solitaire leaves them with more options to utilise it.

Makar Sankranti is the first of the many festivals at the beginning of the year, so a diamond can also be a reliable asset. Even if someone doesn’t mount it on jewellery, the solitaire value will appreciate over time.

While we can think of several gifting ideas, solitaires seem like a great idea to kickstart the year. Diamonds have always had a special place in Indian festivals and rituals, and Makar Sankranti isn’t very different that way. In fact, diamonds and Makar Sankranti have something in common – prosperity and the beginning of something new.

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