May 12, 2020
halo engagement rings

Halo engagement rings for the special day

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Usually when we prepare for a proposal, a good diamond or solitaire ring can become an engagement ring. While that is fine, engagement rings have certain designs. This is so that they can stand out and look different from other diamond rings. Halo engagement rings, too, look quite different and are mainly associated with engagements.


Why choose halo engagement rings?


A halo setting, as most call it, is a very unique kind of setting. While it doesn’t actually secure the diamond in any way, it adorns it. Most rings with a smaller solitaire can use a halo to make the stone appear larger. The stone as such may not be very large but the setting creates an illusion of it having more volume.

One must always ensure that the solitaire on their ring has a Very Good or Ideal cut. There should be no compromise on the sparkle of the stone, at least when it comes to halo engagement rings. However, some people may choose for a high-quality but small size stone. In order to enhance the sparkle of the ring, adding a diamond-studded halo is a good idea.

The halo gives the ring a more royal look, thus acting as an added embellishment. Though the traditional halo is round, there can be floral halos too. And instead of a single halo, there are also double halo settings. This also blends in well with rings of different designs. All these reasons and options make it a good choice for an engagement ring.


Explore fine designs for the big day


If you’re getting engaged in a few months, this is a good time to choose a design. One more thing about halos is that they have very flexible designs. You can see it for yourself.



diamond halo ring
#RF2074: Florid glow diamond ring for her



The decorative halo setting that holds the precious and gleaming solitaire also gives more volume to the centrepiece. With this one, you don’t need anything more ornaments to make you look fabulous.



halo engagement ring
#RF2047: Budding shine women’s solitaire ring



Want to make your solitaire look even more glamorous? Choose something that not only adds shine with small diamonds but also features a modish halo to highlight the solitaire.



engagement ring halos
#RF1133: Curved fashion solitaire ring for her



You have laid your eyes on the design and are now in love with it. Well, what’s keeping you from making it the special one? The two half pavé-set leaf-like curves with a detailed gold outline embolden the glimmer of the diamond.



halo engagement rings
#RF1600: Haloed classic women’s solitaire ring



Got your eyes on a sweet and simple design? We have it here for you. Adding a side-stone studded halo to a classic solitaire ring design can glamorise the look. The polished band and the pavé set side stones on the halo enhance the charm of this pretty solitaire ring.

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