March 25, 2020
Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa: A new way to celebrate

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Gudi Padwa is a new year celebration for a number of Indians, especially Maharashtrians. Also known as Ugadi, this spring festival also marks the beginning of the harvest season. Considering that it is a grand celebration, it is a time to get together with family and exchange sweets and gifts. Til gud, a sweet delicacy made with jaggery and sesame seeds is a popular dish during the festival. The purpose of this celebration is to start the year with good vibes and positive feelings for other fellow beings.

Some also choose to buy gold or diamond jewellery on this occasion. You can now do it online from the safety of your home. The celebration in 2020 is bound to be a little different for us. But don’t let that lower your spirits. Instead, you can celebrate it with as much enthusiasm and that while staying safe indoors. Read on to know how!


Greet your friends on video calls


Like all other festivals, Gudi Padwa, too, calls for a little meet-and-greet with your near and dear ones. You can do the same by arranging a video call with your friends. If you’ve planned this ahead, you can ensure that all your friends make it for the call. We understand that it may not be as exciting as actually meeting them but it is the next best thing.


Sharing Gudi Padwa recipes online


Though til gud is the main delicacy during Gudi Padwa, there are a lot of other tasty sweet dishes too. You can come up with something new as well, there is no restriction on that. Share it online with your group. Discuss how you can add other ingredients to alter the taste or create a new dish. Let them know how you made yours so that they can enjoy it too at home!


What’s a festival without selfies?


If you had plans to wear a new dress on the occasion of Gudi Padwa, don’t ditch it. Wear it anyway! Bring out your fine diamond jewellery and wear them too. There’s nothing to stop you from celebrating as long as you’re keeping yourself and your family safe at home. And click selfies to post on your social media. Spread positive vibes, cheer people up with the vibrancy of your attire. Maybe get your friends and relatives to share their pictures too and make a large collage with them. It’ll hardly feel like they weren’t there.


Personalised Gudi Padwa greeting cards


Take some time and a little trouble to create personalised greeting cards online. Then send them to your family and friends on WhatsApp or social media. It may not seem like much but at a time when you can’t personally meet them, this gesture appears adorable. Also, since you’ve taken the effort to make something like this, people are bound to appreciate it.

Gudi Padwa ushers in a fresh beginning, with positivity and success. Remember to wish everyone well as you connect with them on this day. While you may not be able to exchange sweets or gifts with anyone, make sure you add that sweetness to your words. Wish everyone the best for the new year and bring some cheer to them!

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