February 13, 2020
best solitaires

Get wedding ready with the best solitaires!

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For a long time, weddings have always been about gold and silver jewellery. Then came diamonds and diamond jewellery. And it is diamond jewellery that has stood the test of time and been the best choice for weddings. With a variety of designs at hand, you can choose one that suits you the best. And when you can choose from the best solitaires, there is hardly anything you need to worry about!

Diamond jewellery can be really fine or quite chunky, depending upon your wedding look. Naturally, the wedding dress will determine your overall appearance. Most brides pick a traditional wedding dress as well as a gown for the celebration. In India, they opt for a beautifully embroidered saree or a lehenga and a sometimes, a gown for the reception.


The best solitaires for the big day


It won’t be just your wedding dress that the guests will be looking at. The jewellery is also going to come under scrutiny. Especially when you’re surrounded by your cousins, best girls and female family members. Make the best of this opportunity to flaunt some beautiful rings while you’re at it!



best solitaires
#RF1435: Radiant halo bridal diamond ring



This piece is not the one to be outdone at a wedding function! You can be sure that the halo-set solitaire and the stone-studded spilt shank will give you the attention you truly deserve.



best solitaires
#RF1512: Shimmering stones diamond ring for her



The two close-set sparkling diamonds on the ring, as well as the curved accents around them, makes this ring an attractive jewel. Go on and complete the bridal trousseau with this stunner!



wedding solitaire ring
#RF1644: Studded bridal diamond ring for her



Your wedding functions are special because you get all the attention. Maybe this solitaire ring with a diamond-studded band and the carved cleft on the band can help you.



best solitaires
#RF1646: Embedded bridal women’s diamond ring



What can be better than a solitaire ring to jazz up your bridal look? A little more glitter and shine from the diamond-studded borders of the band.



bridal solitaire ring
#RF1677: Dazzling bride diamond ring for her



A diadem of diamonds combined with an intricate gold design is what you’re looking for when it comes to a bridal ring. The solitaire’s spot undoubtedly becomes the focus.



best solitaires
#RF1693: Glowing bride women’s diamond ring



Bridal rings should be unmatched in glamour. Which is why this diamond ring flaunts three split bands studded with stones, a florid halo embedded with diamonds and of course, the solitaire itself.


Add variety to your wedding attire


Are you tired searching for solitaire jewellery that will match your wedding attire? Here’s a little tip – don’t stress over the design. With the best solitaires, it is absolutely alright even if you choose some classic pieces. In fact, the more elaborate the patterns on the jewellery, the more difficult it is to blend it in.

Since the wedding is a more elaborate affair, the attire and the jewellery can be quite showy. And at most weddings, that’s how it goes. If you’re planning to wear diamond jewellery at your wedding, then there’s no point adding solitaire jewellery to it. But you can always select a few of the best solitaires if you do plan to add them to your look.

While solitaire jewellery is quite enough on its own, you can always pair it with a few light pieces of diamond or gold jewellery. The latter can help balance out the gold and diamond ratio while also highlighting the solitaires.

On the other hand, the reception is more about meeting and greeting everyone who is there to congratulate you. A light solitaire jewellery set works perfectly with an elegant gown for an occasion like this. Whatever design you choose, be sure that it’s something you’ll love to the moon and back!

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