December 30, 2019
engagement ring halos

Engagement ring halos: Unusual yet special

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Our engagement ring is special and we go through some amount of trouble to add our own touch to it. That is one ring which you plan months in advance just so that everything can be great on your big day. After all, your diamond engagement ring marks the beginning of a new phase in your life. And most importantly, it is a mark of an everlasting bond between you and your loved one. Engagement ring halos are quite a thing and have been so for quite a few years now.

However, many brides across the world are putting aside the classic diamond-studded round halo for some unusual designs. Most of us feel that it is okay to experiment as long as we’re going traditional. Some do not want to get adventurous at all. But that is totally up to you and we respect that. Your engagement ring design is something you get just one shot at. And you get to decide the design. So why not make it different and stand out on your special day?

Engagement ring halos unlike the others


How attractive an oval-shaped halo around a solitaire looks! Add to that the beauty of the slender band in polished gold.


engagement ring halos
Divine Solitaires


The resplendent solitaire at the eye of the studded floral halo makes the centrepiece of this lovely ring. The two studded bud-like motifs at the sides complete the look of this jewel.


diamond engagement ring
Divine Solitaires


A solitaire’s attractiveness is multiplied when it is surrounded by a diamond-studded square halo. We’re all for the centre stone getting so much importance. Are you?


engagement ring halos
Divine Solitaires


A studded halo around a solitaire enlarges the appearance of the stone. But we thought bigger and put one more halo. To top it off, the ring’s shank, split in three, is embellished with side stones.


solitaire engagement ring
Divine Solitaires


The studded square halo surrounding the semi-bezel set solitaire helps the centre stone to stand out on the studded and split band of this elegant diamond ring.


engagement ring halos
Divine Solitaires


Making the best of a one-time opportunity


Engagement ring halos that are a tad different from the others can look quite fabulous. But designing engagement rings can be tricky. We would recommend getting as much help as you can from family and friends for such designs. Or you could always get in touch with an engagement ring specialist.

The whole point of having engagement ring halos that are unconventional is that you get a piece that’s unique. But in a bid to be different, don’t end up with something you can never wear again. Some of the basic ideas of design should always stay the same, for example, the symmetry. And of course, always choose the best solitaires for your diamond engagement ring!

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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