March 3, 2020

Easy diamond care tips for Holi!

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Whether anyone is looking or not, we want to be wearing our diamonds most of the time. They’re special to us and will always be so. But how practical is it to wear jewellery while playing Holi and that too with diamonds? Holi involves colours, music and dance, sweets and fun with your friends and family. And oh, pictures too, loads of them! So why shouldn’t it involve jewellery? What we have for you is a solitaire jewellery code (think dress code) that you can follow this Holi.

It also depends on how you play Holi. As long as you’re not jumping into a mud pool or playing rough, solitaire jewellery is a great addition. Diamonds can quite liven up an already colourful and festive mood!


Small and light jewellery pieces


It is best to opt for small and light pieces of solitaire jewellery to keep the look simple. If you’re wondering why wear jewellery at all, let’s not forget the mandatory Holi pictures. It’ll be nice to see a few diamonds when you see those later on.

Comfort is of great importance here and what can be more convenient than a pair of diamond stud earrings? Or a simple diamond ring that fits like a glove and won’t slip off!


Worried about the gold colour?


You needn’t be. We have that sorted for you. Yellow gold and rose gold are the go-to colours for any festivity. And how can Holi be any different? They’ll be visible in the pictures even if you have played with a lot of colours. And if you have bright diamonds, they’ll shine through well!

You may want to avoid designs with fine framework or filigree designs that could lock in clumps of colour. That’ll look a bit ugly, won’t it?


Jewellery to avoid while playing Holi


Diamond bracelets, elaborate solitaire rings and unsecured diamond nose pins are a strict no-no during this festival of colours. Another piece of solitaire jewellery to avoid is a necklace or a pendant. As adorable as they may look, they’re also most susceptible to falling off. Your diamonds are way too precious for you to be losing them like this. And you don’t want your mood to go sour on such a happy day, do you?

You can also skip wearing white gold if you’re worried about the colour leaving stains on the gold. Simply put, just ensure you don’t wear anything you can’t clean later.


Freshen up your diamonds after Holi


It is a different story if you’re using chemical colours while playing Holi. In that case, skip wearing your diamonds altogether. Now that we’re more conscious about the environment, most Holi parties include organic colours and no water. But your diamonds are anyway going to get dirty.

Worried about cleaning them well? Stay calm and don’t stress too much about it. Cleaning diamond jewellery isn’t rocket science now, is it? If the colours are safe enough, they’ll be gone in a jiffy! Simply soak your jewellery in a bowl of lukewarm water that has a few drops of window cleaning liquid. Give it a few minutes before gently cleaning them with a soft brush.

In some cases, you may not even need a brush to get the colour out of the prongs. But if you must, then be as careful as possible. Rinse out the jewellery in a bowl of clean water and then dry it with a soft cloth. The residue tends to leave stains when it dries and no one wants their diamonds looking dull. Holi is a really fun festival and brings back a lot of childhood memories. This time, you can make it even more memorable with your solitaires!

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