September 12, 2019
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Durga Pujo: 4 diamond tanmaniya styles for you

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Indian festivals mean colourful, traditional wear. Which calls for fine and beautifully crafted solitaire jewellery like diamond earrings, solitaire rings, diamond tanmaniya and more. Durga Pujo is one such festival where all everyone can think of is fine clothing, jewellery and food!

Durga Pujo is a 10-day celebration starting with Mahalaya, which begins the day after the Pitri Paksha (mourning period). Even outside of Bengal, the last four days of the festival are celebrated with great pomp and show!

These four days are Saptami, Ashtami, Navami and Dashami. Most of the shopping and preparation is mainly for these days. It includes stepping out in your best and visiting Pujo pandals (marquees) all over the city.

Celebrate Durga Pujo with diamond tanmaniyas

Traditional solitaire jewellery pieces such as diamond tanmaniyas look the best when worn with sarees and salwar kameez. If you do consider pairing one with your desi attire, we’ve got you covered for the four days.


It’s time to get ready for a day of pandal-hopping in your city. Octobers in parts of India are generally warm and so heavy clothing and diamond jewellery is a strict no-no. At the same time, you want to start the festival with some bling. Sparkly diamond necklaces to go with Indian traditional wear need not be heavy. Says this diamond tanmaniya with three solitaires. We’d choose rose gold.


Day two of roaming the city can be usually tiring but, at least, not during Durga Pujo. Most Bengalis consider Ashtami to be a more festive day as compared to Saptami. So naturally, the type of outfit you have chosen tends to look richer, if not colourful. This simple looking diamond tanmaniya can perfectly complement your look and make you look like a dream!

The last two days


Just one day before Pujo ends, everyone wants to have a great time. It’s that one last day of visiting all the pandals because they’ll all be gone the next day. Don’t miss out on a beautiful diamond tanmaniya that you could wear with your favourite saree. 


All good things must come to an end and this festival is no exception. Four days of excitement, pandal-hopping and wearing wonderful clothes come to an end. The festival ends with sindoor khela, where married women smear vermillion on one another. It takes place before the immersion of the Goddess’ idol and involves meeting many women outside your friends’ circle.

Naturally, you would want to want to look your best for this. Something that matches with the laal paar shada saree (white saree with red border) worn during sindoor khela. Yellow gold would be the best match for an outfit like that.

Though the last day is about the Goddess leaving Earth to return to her heavenly abode, it’s still a celebration. Something that makes you want to wait for the next one!

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