October 10, 2019
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Diamond is the new gold, this festive season

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Planning to buy a diamond for Diwali, instead of gold? Not a bad idea at all. Diamonds are gaining popularity, thanks to their now standard rates and a demand for high-quality diamonds. Popularly known as the festival of lights, people celebrate the festival with gifts that include new clothes and gold and diamond jewellery.

The day before Diwali is Dhanteras. On this day, people buy new utensils, showpieces and also jewellery. The aim is to have a new gift with some utility value. Diamonds, too, now have some asset value which may differ from brand to brand.

Is a diamond as good as gold?

Of late, diamonds have become just as good as gold. People, especially millennials prefer diamond jewellery as compared to bulky gold jewellery. The reason for this is that they can wear the same jewellery they buy during a festival for the rest of the year. That way, solitaire jewellery is quite a popular choice. There are so many options in solitaire jewellery designs that you can probably wear one piece to different occasions.

Diamond prices have been a problem for people in comparison with gold which has been popular due to price transparency. There is no standard price index for diamonds and very few brands actually record the price fluctuation.

As a result, when you visit your diamond jeweller before the festival to make a purchase, you’re confused. Not only do the prices surprise you but also there is no way anyone can prove when they change.

Why is price transparency an issue?

Buying diamond jewellery is as it is quite a task. Even if you’re jeweller is experienced or your family is helpful, the choice has to be yours. For that, you need to understand that the diamond quality will influence the prices. Unless your jeweller sells diamonds to you at standard prices, you are not likely to pay the right price.

Brands like Divine Solitaires have a digital platform where one can check diamond prices at any time. All of the brand’s diamonds follow the prices given in the Divine Solitaires’ Price List. It is the only Nationwide Standard and Transparent Price List.

It is easy to understand how pure gold is. The purity of gold is the only way you can decide how valuable it is. The weight of gold is not a reliable parameter. On the other hand, a diamond grader gauges a diamond’s quality on the basis of several attributes. Of these, the 4Cs (colour, clarity, carat and cut) are the main ones.

Get rid of these problems

The Divine Solitaires digital platform combines the brand’s website and mobile application so that you can easily track your diamond. This means that the journey of your diamond is right at your fingertips. Not only will you know from which mine your diamond has come but also understand how it was planned, cut and its original carat weight.

The last thing you want in the middle of a festival is to be worried about the authenticity of your diamond. The Divine Solitaires’ 123-parameter quality certificate is also available on the digital platform, easy to view when needed. 

You can also check diamond prices at your fingertips with the Divine Solitaires mobile application or on their website. You can check the value of the diamond which you have bought or want to buy. Additionally, you can also compare the diamond’s current price to its past prices from up to 12 years ago.

Diamonds from Divine Solitaires are not only ethically mined and sourced but are also given quality certification. Globally, only Divine Solitaires has a retail pricing mechanism that is standard and transparent. With this unique pricing system from Divine Solitaires, you can purchase their solitaires and solitaire jewellery at standardised rates across all their stores.

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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