November 18, 2019
diamond halo rings

Diamond halo rings: The engagement special

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What do we already know about diamond engagement rings? That they’re always in trend and the most popular choice among most couples. But did you also know that diamond halo rings are a great style too? Not only does the halo add some extra bling but also highlights the centrepiece.

Simply put, diamond halo rings are diamond engagement rings that sport a diamond-studded halo. But that does not mean that all engagement rings must have a halo. It is a matter of personal taste and preference when it comes to designing our own engagement ring.

Customising diamond halo rings

Designing your engagement ring can take some time. Never try and do it in a hurry. Take enough time, plan it with your partner and the jeweller too. The budget too is often a hefty one, you usually can’t afford one overnight. So ensure you make every penny count.

Where it takes a week to customise a simple engagement ring, diamond halo rings could take up to weeks. Along with the design on the ring changing to accommodate a halo the cost will also change. Consider the price of the melee diamonds on the halo. You might have an option to customise those too!

It is best to get some genuine advice from friends and cousins who already have their own diamond halo rings. They can guide you better and you won’t have to walk into the jewellery store looking clueless. You could also check different designs before deciding how you would like yours!

Here are a few designs which could give you some ideas

diamond halo rings

An engagement ring like this is not to be outdone at a wedding function! You can be sure that the halo-set solitaire and the stone-studded spilt shank will give you the attention you truly deserve.

solitaire ring

Adding a side-stone studded halo to a classic solitaire ring design can glamorise the look. The polished band and the pavé set side stones on the halo enhance the charm of this pretty solitaire ring.

An enticing round cut solitaire in a halo setting creates a very classic look. A small wreath of six gold leaves on the undergallery of this 18kt diamond ring further glam up the appearance.

The design of a classic diamond ring is eternal. So is the halo setting. However, giving it a little twist is the additional gold in the background.

diamond ring

A double-band ring could look great on someone who wants to highlight the length of their fingers. The prongs meant to secure a stone in its place often go beyond this function. As you can see in this haloed solitaire ring, the prongs add more beauty and completeness to the ring.

If you have never designed an engagement ring on your own, then browsing through some designs might help. And always keep diamond halo rings simple and classy. Adding too many embellishments can ruin the ornament. The solitaire on the ring should stay in focus.

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