March 5, 2020
brilliant memories

Create brilliant memories with your bridesmaids

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You plan your wedding jewellery and attire months in advance. It takes time and the effort of several people to put all of this together. Everything has to be perfect for the bride and so nothing can be out of place. And as a bride, it is your duty to plan who gets what gifts. While your other friends and relatives can get have simple and small gifts, your bridesmaids deserve something more. Create brilliant memories by creating some fine solitaire jewellery pieces for them.

They’re the ones to help you with everything – your wedding lehenga, the jewellery and preparing for the other functions. In India, the trend of a bridesmaid has been practically non-existent until the last few years. But ever since it has started, bridesmaids have been taking their responsibilities seriously. Consisting of very close female cousins and friends, these girls take it on themselves to get everything in place for the bride. It is but natural to gift them nothing less than a piece of solitaire jewellery. And what better than something you have made by yourself?


Adorable solitaires for brilliant memories


Making solitaire jewellery with Divine Solitaires is easier than you think. With everything right on your screen, you just need to start making a selection. You have the choice to either start with a setting or a solitaire that you like the best.

You also need to keep in mind what each of the girls would like. It is best to choose light diamond bracelets, pendants, stud earrings or even nose pins. If you want to keep it a surprise, then a diamond ring won’t be a good idea.


Start with a fine solitaire diamond


A listing of all the solitaires along with their details lets you choose one without much hassle! You can choose one of any size you think will appeal to your friend. You can select something as sizeable as a 0.30-carat diamond. However, note that a smaller solitaire can also look great and so even a 0.18-carat solitaire works wonders. If you’re designing a pair of earrings, you just need to choose one solitaire and you will get another one of the same size, colour and clarity.


Continue with a design you love


By browsing through the design pages and our solitaire collections, you can pick something that really catches your eye. Knowing what styles your best friends would love will help here. If you’ve observed their jewellery carefully enough, you know what to pick! In case you’re confused, simply go for the classic designs. And rest assured that your girl squad is going to love what you gift them.


Observe your beautiful creation


Once the solitaire jewellery is ready, you can take a look at the design in its entirety. The completed piece is your own art and turning it into a gift makes it unique! You’re not just creating pieces of solitaire jewellery here but also brilliant memories. You’ll miss your girls and all the time you’ve spent with them over the years. It is these unique pieces that will be among the most cherished of all memories.


The best way to create brilliant memories with them


A piece of solitaire jewellery that you make for yourself or for someone is more special than a readymade piece. It has a bit of your own creativity in the design and the diamonds you select. The very fact that you have made the effort to create it yourself sets it apart from other pieces. Therefore, when you’re making something similar for your bridesmaids, it means more than just a personalised gift. It is a genuine gesture of gratitude and a symbol of true friendship.

Solitaires, as such, have the capacity to make anyone look wonderful. Even when you buy one for yourself, it feels great to own one. A beautiful, colourless and clear solitaire can instantly light up any design that it is set on. To gift a self-created piece to someone adds a lot of meaning to it. Put aside the crockery and the dresses, and pick some fine solitaires for your bridesmaids, instead!

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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