December 16, 2019
Christmas gifts

Cool Christmas gifts for everyone

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It’s the season to spread joy and cheer, decorate the Christmas tree and eat amazing food. And also the time to enjoy with your family, friends and dear ones. And best of all, the time to exchange cute and meaningful Christmas gifts with everyone! We plan these gifts for months ensuring that our loved ones get exactly what they want. We are also careful to customise these gifts so that they become even more special and memorable.

And it is not just our parents and siblings we give gifts to. There’ll be uncles, aunts and of course, cousins too! While we know that shopping makes us feel great, we also understand that it does get a little tiring. Choosing individual gifts for everyone is a cumbersome task. Especially when you know that you can’t get the same stuff for the men and women in your family. Here’s a list of gender-neutral gifts you can let everyone choose from at the Christmas gathering! 


Decorative photo frames


This is something most people give as Christmas gifts and for a very good reason too. Photos are a great way to preserve the best moments of our lives. Even in the digital age, physical images have not lost their value. Having a lovely, elegantly decorated photo frame for your lovely pictures is something we all love.


Classy sunglasses as Christmas gifts


Warm and sunny days call for a pair of protective sunglasses. No one can thank you enough for gifting one to them. So if you put one in a gift box at the Christmas party and let your loved ones choose, no one will be disappointed.


As long as your taste in accessories is trendy and classy, Christmas gifts like these are bound to make anyone happy! Talking about accessories, jewellery too can be an interesting gift. And especially solitaire jewellery!


Solitaires are for keeps


Surprised that solitaires can be among gender-neutral Christmas gifts? Don’t be, for they are quite popular among men too. It is not uncommon for men to wear diamonds. Of course, men wear diamond rings but some love wearing diamond studs and bracelets too.

Diamond jewellery for men has always been a trend in most parts of the world. Your uncle could choose the diamond inside the gift-wrapped gift box under the Christmas tree. And then set on his own choice of jewellery.


Electric kettle/coffee blender


Talking about meaningful Christmas gifts, this is something that could be particularly useful to a tea/coffee lover. Light & portable, this could come to the rescue of your cousin who cannot function without their daily dose of caffeine.


Scented candles as Christmas gifts


Yes, a lot of people enjoy having these at home. The natural fragrances infused in the wax not only smell lovely but also have a feel-good factor.

They indeed have a short shelf life but as long as they stay, they spread good vibes.

So, these are some interesting gift ideas you could use instead of the usual list of scarves and crockery. While most of these are, no doubt, quite valuable, nothing comes close to solitaires. They last longer than any other gift you can ever give.

Another advantage of solitaires is that the receiver is can choose how to use them. Be it your uncle or aunt, anyone can put it on their favourite gold ring or pendant. Moreover, solitaires have an asset value which consumers are only beginning to understand. Giving diamonds as Christmas gifts could end up being the most meaningful gift you could give to your loved ones!

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