April 23, 2020
Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya: Celebration of the eternal

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We know Akshaya Tritiya as the day when we buy new gold and silver jewellery or mementos. Though it’s not a new year celebration like Makar Sankranti or Gudi Padwa, many businesses start afresh on this day. The word Akshaya means eternal and Tritiya means third. Together they mean the third (lunar) day of eternal prosperity.

This day indicates a fresh start. A lot of businesses start their new financial year on this day because it is auspicious. But most importantly, it is the essence of eternal happiness and prosperity that is the theme. And so people buy jewellery to mark the celebration.


What does Akshaya Tritiya signify?


The tradition of buying precious jewellery on this day has come a long way. People also give precious gifts to their near and dear ones. Doing this on Akshaya Tritiya means that the gesture is genuine and meaningful. Based on this act, there are several mythological stories that emphasise the importance of generosity.

The other significance of Akshaya Tritiya is the presence of non-diminishing wealth and prosperity. This also relates to eternal happiness and the feeling of well-being. Hence, when people wish one another on this day, they wish for everlasting happiness.

This year, with the pandemic creating a crisis across the world, let’s hope for the good health of all. The celebration of Akshaya Tritiya this year is wishing for the eternal happiness of everyone going through this pandemic.


Are diamonds important on this occasion?


In celebration of this day, we purchase gold and silver in the form of souvenirs or jewellery. But diamonds, too, are a very popular choice nowadays. It may not be conventional to purchase diamonds on this day as compared to gold. However, over time, people have also included diamonds in this since they too have an auspicious significance.

Diamonds have a longer life than other precious stones and metals. Since one cannot destroy a diamond, it is nothing less than being eternal. Not only is a solitaire ideal for this occasion but also a symbol of eternal prosperity. Along with being a beautiful gift, you can also celebrate eternal happiness with a solitaire!

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