December 25, 2019
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Your diamonds: Keep them shining

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Your diamonds are your own. Yours to keep, to show off and also to care for. Nothing can indeed damage a diamond but maybe we’re a little wrong here. Did you know the culet of your diamond is a delicate spot? No matter what the shape of the stone, there’ll always be sharp and fine edges that are prone to damage. One way to protect your diamonds is with the help of prongs. Let’s take a look at how you can take good care of your diamonds!

When we buy diamond jewellery, we tend to invest a good amount of money in it. Shopping for diamond jewellery is not an easy task; it needs online research and a lot of decision-making. There may be times when you may not get your desired jewellery styles and designs. That would mean a lot more browsing on other websites or more trips to other jewellery stores.

After all of this effort, if something were to happen to your diamond, we can only imagine how bad you’d feel. And that’s not all! However strong solitaires may be, they tend to lose their shine over time. Even something as minor as an oil stain can rob your diamond’s brilliance and make it look dull.

Solitaire care for your diamonds


It is easy to keep solitaires clean. You only need to exercise some caution while doing so. The diamond ring is one piece of jewellery that is susceptible to damage and chipping. While doing the dishes or working in the garden, take it off and keep it safe. And here’s a special tip – keep it away from fire! Which means no grilling or barbeque with your solitaire jewellery on.

Not only the diamond but also the prongs that protect it will gather more dirt than you can imagine. And if you don’t remove this dirt, it can cause the metal to lose its shine and durability. Also, with time, they become less durable and could break if you are not careful while cleaning them. As a result, you could lose your diamonds. And no one ever wants that to happen!

A great way to keep your solitaire diamond clean is to simply use a soft cloth and a mild cleaning liquid. Pour some diluted solution on the cloth and gently clean your diamond, carefully getting rid of the grime. You can also use a soft brush to ensure that the space between the prongs and the solitaire is clean. The next step is to dab it dry without the dry cloth getting stuck in the prongs.

If your diamond jewellery has a tension setting, you need to be just as careful. It is the semi-bezel setting that will not cause any problems. All the same, don’t be too rough on your diamonds.

Insurance for your solitaires


If there is insurance for houses and cars, diamonds should have them too. In all likelihood, your diamond jewellery company already provides insurance on diamonds. Some like Divine Solitaires provide one-year free insurance on all solitaires and solitaire jewellery. While you should be careful about not misplacing your diamond, insurance is the best precaution you can take.

For this purpose, you will always need to keep your invoice and your diamond certificate safe. In some cases, lost diamonds can be found using the serial number inscribed on the girdle. But in case you’ve lost it on a holiday, the insurance company will compensate for the same.

Most diamond jewellers inform you about the insurance when you’re buying a diamond or diamond jewellery. And to make it simpler, you can use the Divine Solitaires mobile application to get insurance with just one click! Even if buying diamonds is a task, keeping them safe shouldn’t be.

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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