March 28, 2020
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Time to get your precious diamonds shining

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We keep our diamond jewellery safe and clean in every possible way. For something that is so valuable, we do a great job at keeping them in their best condition. In the case of your precious diamonds, we take great care to store them properly. Often, diamond care is something our jeweller takes care of. From inspecting the solitaire for damage to cleaning the ornament, the jeweller assumes full responsibility.

But during a time when accessing your jeweller can be a problem, here is how you can do it yourself. It is not just enough to keep your precious diamonds clean, you also need to keep them safe. Therefore, storing it properly is quite important. Diamonds are, indeed, hard and therefore, resistant to most damage. But over time, some fine scratches will show up if you are not careful. These are a few tips you can follow to keep your precious solitaires sparkling all the time!


When to not wear your precious diamonds


Most of us wear our solitaire engagement ring all the time. We design it such that it blends in well with whatever we wear. If you never take it off, it may appear to be a romantic gesture. But for the sake of its safety, there are times when you shouldn’t be wearing it.

Staying at home means an increased workload of household chores. With some time on your hands, some people will want to take care of their potted plants. A lot of people may also want to spend their time cooking. Or even try their hand at some painting or clay artwork.

The similarities between all these hobbies is that your hands are going to get messy. And so, this is the time when you should take your diamond ring off. Of course, you’ll be able to clean it once you’re done with your work. But in the long run, excessively exposing your diamonds to dirt, water, etc., can cause sufficient damage to it.

Hence, remember to keep your diamond ring in a dry place when there’s rough work involved.


Keeping the solitaire jewellery clean


What you need to keep your jewellery clean is some lukewarm water, a liquid window cleaner and a soft cloth. Avoid using a brush with hard bristles to clean between the gaps and the prongs. Go for a fine and soft brush if you really need to do it.

We often feel that cleaning our solitaire jewellery with regular soap and water will suffice. But the soap is actually causing more harm to it. Also, plain running water doesn’t help at all. Just remember to be gentle when you’re cleaning your jewellery. Now, no one wants bad things happening to these precious trinkets, do we?

If you allow your jewellery to soak in the lukewarm water, it will ease out some of the dirt. But don’t keep it there for long, a minute is quite enough. Don’t overdo anything while you care for your diamonds. After cleaning it, rinse the ornament and gently wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

If you thought cleaning your precious diamonds was something your jeweller did, you can now give it a try!

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