January 23, 2020
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The right way to care for your diamonds

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Diamond jewellery is a popular gifting option now. If it is your best friend’s wedding you’re talking about, there’s definitely a diamond involved. Similarly, someone close to you may have also gifted you a piece of diamond jewellery. The emotion behind any gift is what matters. So, no matter how small or large the diamond is, it needs love and care. You might think that there’s no need to care for your diamonds.

However, this is a misconception that we all have. No matter how hard and durable your diamonds are, they need all the tender loving care you can give them. Before your diamond became a part of your jewellery, it went through a lot. It has survived high temperature and immense pressure. Despite all that, it needs you to inspect it once in a while for any damages. 


Storing your precious diamond jewellery carefully


The last thing you want to do is leaving your diamond jewellery out in the open. When you’re not wearing it, keep them inside a box lined with a soft cloth. If you’re storing a diamond jewellery collection, ensure that all the pieces are individually covered with a cloth or tissue paper. It is risky to use regular writing paper or even newspaper for this purpose. You most definitely don’t want to end up with writing ink on your diamond and the metal!

It is not necessary to wrap the tissue paper tightly around the ornament. Over time, the paper napkin will grow thin and you’ll find little bits and pieces between the diamond’s prongs. And if there’s any moisture in the box, it is going to be difficult to care for your diamonds. The dampness will harm the solitaire and the metal. And suppose you don’t use them for a few months, you might not find them looking bright and sparkling.

Whether you store your diamond jewellery at home or in your bank’s personal locker, ensure there’s no moisture. The box in which you place it should be clean from inside and preferably devoid of any smell. It is not very difficult to care for your diamonds, you just need to exercise some caution.

Like all your other things, diamonds to attract dirt, oil and dust. And let’s admit it, we like to touching and feeling the diamond once in a while. But the oil from your skin is going to diminish the solitaire’s sparkle.


Care for your diamonds by cleaning them


Simply holding your diamond jewellery under running water isn’t going to help. Here’s a little exercise you can try instead.

Use some lukewarm water, liquid window cleaner and a soft cloth to clean your diamond jewellery. If you need to use a brush to clean between the gaps and prongs, ensure that the bristles are soft. A rough brush will damage the prongs to a certain extent. The trick is to be as gentle as possible. Using any kind of force while cleaning your solitaire jewellery will only cause harm to it. And no one wants ugly things happening to our precious and expensive diamond jewellery.

Preferably, let the jewellery soak in the lukewarm water for a minute. Add a little liquid window cleaner to the water. The solution needs to be diluted, the concentrated solution might corrode the metal. Don’t overdo anything while you care for your diamonds. Then use the soft brush to clean the jewellery carefully. It is more than enough to get rid of the oil and dirt layer. Lastly, wipe it clean. The water droplets will dry and leave marks on the diamond and the gold. Make sure the cloth itself is dry and soaks up all the water. Take time to go through this entire process. 

Diamonds are not necessarily affected by a change in the temperature. But fire can destroy a diamond completely. So you want to be careful about wearing your beautiful solitaire ring close to a barbeque pit or bonfire. It is easy to care for your diamonds from time to time. All it needs is a little time and patience.

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