March 9, 2020
protect your diamond

The best way to protect your diamond

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Solitaires are extremely precious and enhance not just your beauty but also the special moments of your life. When we buy diamonds, we take care to ensure that the quality and the jewellery design meets our expectations. We choose designs that we can wear daily. Even as a gift, a solitaire means a lot to us. Which is why we take time and make the effort to get our hands on the best ones. Protecting something so valuable is, therefore, quite essential. The best way to protect your diamond jewellery is to keep it from damage and loss. 

Apart from serving its ornamental purpose, a solitaire has more value as an asset. Your diamond jewellery needs all the care and love, it can get. While we’re sure to clean it from time to time, there are other ways to protect your diamond jewellery.


Insurance to protect your diamond jewellery


To make sure that your solitaire is always free from damage, visit your jeweller from time to time. Let them take a close look at it and inform you if it needs cleaning or polishing. Polishing your diamond should not be a frequent practice. A simple cleaning procedure every few months is enough. When you get insurance for your diamonds, you make sure that it is safe from damage and loss.

As we know, diamonds are quite valuable and therefore, also expensive. Getting insurance to protect your diamond is the best way to protect it. Different insurance plans keep your diamond jewellery safe in different ways. There is insurance for damage, loss or even theft.

This is especially important as all insurance plans do not cover for all kinds of emergencies. Some may only provide compensation for damage while others will do so only for theft. It is good to have a word with the company on all terms and conditions revolving around the insurance.


How and when should you get the insurance?


Precious solitaire jewellery comes with a certain amount of responsibility. One of them is insurance! And the faster you get to it, the better it is. Make sure you protect your diamond with insurance without any delay.

The most appropriate time to get insurance is as soon as you buy your solitaire or diamond jewellery. Brands like Divine Solitaires offers one-year free insurance on their all their solitaires and solitaire jewellery. Through a reputed insurance company, the brand ensures that your valuable diamond jewellery is safe and secure.

We understand that the sentimental value attached to your diamond jewellery is far greater than its monetary value. That is why Divine Solitaires’ insurance is here to protect your diamond against theft.

Availing insurance on your diamond is also a fairly simple procedure. You can easily protect your diamond with insurance after filling in a few details soon after the purchase.

We know you care for your diamond but how can you control an unforeseen incident? When it comes to protecting someone or something you love, never wait until it is too late. From your diamond engagement ring to solitaire pendants, earrings and more, you can get insurance on anything. 

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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