July 16, 2019

Solitaire care: Show your diamonds some love

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We don’t think much before spending on handbags, clothes and shoes. We can find great places to purchase them. We even keep refreshing our daily wear imitation jewellery or junk jewellery.

Replacing solitaire jewellery from time to time is difficult since we pay quite a lot for it. And like our clothes and shoes get old, diamonds too lose their sparkle with time.

What is it that can cause damage to solitaires? Aren’t diamonds the hardest substance on Earth? Of course, they are. But the finer parts of a diamond, like the culet, can get chipped if you don’t take good care of your stone.

We have a few tips on solitaire care for you so that your solitaire jewellery always stays in its best condition. It is first essential to identify what all can spoil the shine of your solitaire or damage it.

The shine of a diamond is its advantage as well as its weakness. By this, we mean that a glittering diamond can lose its beauty if the surface shine is affected.

The struggle to keep your hands off your solitaire is real! But if you want to keep the stone looking brand new, avoid touching the stone. Our hands are not always clean and even a little bit of oil or grease can affect the solitaire’s lustre.

Take good care to handle your solitaire jewellery carefully. For example, your solitaire ring’s prongs or the bail of a solitaire pendant are not as strong as the stone. They tend to break when the jewel comes in contact with a rough surface or falls down too often.

Safety storage

Your solitaires are special so don’t treat them like your other jewellery. Keep them in a separate box that has a soft cloth lining inside. It is likely that a small part of the culet can break. One minuscule chip may not make a lot of difference but over time it will ruin the solitaire’s beauty.

Always handle the jewel very carefully. It is possible that once in a while the solitaire ring’s prongs could get caught in your scarf or hair. Pull it out very gently and no one gets hurt! That’s one crucial step for solitaire care.

Squeaky clean

It is best to clean your diamond once in three weeks. By clean, we mean with mild soap and water. A better idea is to dilute a few drops of a window cleaning liquid in some warm water. Even a gentle liquid soap works well. Soak the solitaire jewellery in this solution for a few minutes and then gently scrub it with a toothbrush. Then rinse under running water and wipe with a clean, soft cloth.

A toothbrush is a good option if you brush with delicate strokes. The bristles can clean the small areas which gather grime and dirt. Cleaning it with a soft cloth ensures that there are no water stains on the jewellery. Never use any kind of chemical that could erode the metal on your solitaire jewellery.

Special tips

We know you love your solitaire but please don’t wear it when you go trekking or swimming. These are places which can most definitely cause damage to your solitaire ring.

If you are afraid that you may have dented or scratched it in any way, visit your jeweller and get it checked thoroughly. The sooner, the better it is. There’s a good chance that they might be able to fix it.

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