October 31, 2019
renew your diamond jewellery

Renew your diamond jewellery for festivals

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India has no dearth of festivals. Throughout the year, we celebrate so many of them with sweets, new clothes and jewellery. As much as we Indians love our silver and gold jewellery, we also have a soft corner for diamonds. Like gold, diamonds, too, have an auspicious significance. But since it is also more expensive, we mostly tend to make do with what we already have. On such occasions, there are ways and means to renew your diamond jewellery.

Bring on the shine

The diamond jewellery that has been lying inside our lockers for months together can lose some of their lustre. Many a time, the ornaments could be passed down from generations which is why they could look dull. 

The same could also happen with diamond jewellery that you purchased a few years ago but wore just once. Even if it has been carefully kept away, you should check it once before you wear it. You obviously would not want to wear diamonds that do not shine bright, especially on a festival. Which is why it is important to clean it before they adorn you.

Firstly, inspect your diamond jewellery at home for any potential damage. If it has been not used for more than a year, the delicate metal parts could have become weak. If that is the case, take it to the jeweller soon so that they can be fixed or replaced. The last thing you would want is your diamond ring’s prongs letting go of that expensive diamond.

Next up, you could bring back the shine on the diamonds by simply cleaning them with a gentle cleaning liquid. Just a little bit of cleaning and patting with a soft cloth could help renew your diamond jewellery. It is advisable to not use a brush or scrub the jewellery. Lockers are generally clean spaces but cloth or felt fibres from the jewellery box could make the diamond look dull. 

To the jeweller’s to renew your diamond jewellery

Most of the time, you will have to take your diamond jewellery to the jeweller’s at least for an inspection. Your grandmother may not have been aware of the damage to her diamonds but you need to take care. A few small scratches on the stone can make it look dull over time. At such times, the jeweller can polish the stone a bit if it is required.

If the occasion is really special and you want to wear your great-grandmother’s diamond necklace, act early. Earlier, diamond jewellery consisted of stones that were larger in size but not very well-cut. Recutting and repolishing diamonds leads to some wastage but if you still need to do it, be careful.

An experienced diamond cutter will take the trouble of explaining how he will polish the diamond. Though it could be a little technical to understand, it is worth the effort to renew your diamond jewellery. Also, take time to understand the costs involved in reviving the look of your jewellery.

It is not always easy to make old diamond jewellery look fresh. Sometimes, it takes a lot of effort. But once it is done, you will love the results!

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