April 10, 2020
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Keep your solitaire ring clean during the outbreak

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Our solitaire jewellery is not just for the times when we’re out. We could be wearing our stud earrings or nose pin all the time. And if you’re married or engaged, it is your solitaire engagement ring that’s always on your finger. During this Coronavirus outbreak, it is essential that we wash our hands before every meal or after touching common surfaces. But did you realise that this frequent contact with water and soap may not be good for your solitaire ring? You can take care of your hands by using a moisturiser. But how will you take care of your ring in the right way?

Let’s start with first analysing what is good and bad for your ring. Too much exposure to the sun and dust will affect your solitaire ring over time. Even inside your home there are dust particles, cooking gas fumes and moisture that could soil your jewellery. Despite being at home, it is necessary to clean your precious diamond ring every ten days. We’d like to recommend some tips to keep your precious ornament protected and away from any harm!


Don’t wear your jewellery all the time


This might not be the easiest thing to do. Your solitaire engagement ring is, after all, very special and you want to wear it all the time. Diamonds are not affected by heat but fire and very high temperatures can cause substantial damage. Always take your ring off when you’re cooking food. If there’s an open flame, your diamond should be nowhere near it. And if you’re spending some leisure time looking after your potted plants, use gloves to keep your solitaire ring clean.


No disinfectants on your solitaire ring


Your hand sanitizer, alcohol-based hand wash and other cleaning products may be keeping you safe from infection. But the same doesn’t hold for your diamonds. One way to go about this would be to take off your ring every time you have to wash your hands. Or at least sometimes, to lessen the damage. While it might seem like a lot of effort, it’ll keep your ring safe in the long run.


The good old diamond cleaning method


Using a diluted solution of a mild window cleaner and water is the best way to clean your solitaire ring. Unless it is absolutely necessary, do not use a brush to scrub the diamond and the prongs of the ornament. And if you so want to, then make sure it is a soft brush. Scrubbing it hard will leave negligible scratches that’ll be visible with time.

Remember to be very gentle. And don’t leave the ring to dry on its own. Pat it dry with a soft cloth. The water drops leave marks on the stone as they dry. It makes your diamond appear cloudy and unclean from outside. There, now you know how your ring can stay safe while you’re doing the same!

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