October 30, 2019
inspect your solitaire engagement ring

Inspect your solitaire engagement ring

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Purchasing a solitaire engagement ring is a decent amount of work. Doing it within a couple of hours is unrealistic. Additionally, you need to obviously plan the expense well in advance. But you can inspect your solitaire engagement ring by putting in only half the effort.

Your trusted jeweller who sells diamond jewellery to you will inspect your solitaire engagement ring from time to time. After all, it’s a very expensive piece of solitaire jewellery and you did spend quite some time creating it. 

But have you considered the hassle involved in going to the jewellery store and doing this? Maybe you won’t be the only one who is going to the store. And we are well aware of how an unplanned trip through the city traffic can turn out to be! At the same time, if you have to inspect your solitaire engagement ring, you can also do it at home.


Do a basic at-home inspection


Your diamond ring is made up of two parts; the metal ring and the solitaire. The metal ring can be crafted in white, yellow or rose gold or even platinum. Most classic solitaire engagement rings have prongs which hold the solitaire in place. While they are sturdy enough to protect your solitaire, daily use can cause some wear and tear.

When you inspect your solitaire engagement ring, cleaning it is a must. Once in a few weeks, clean the prongs with mild soap and water. The dirt around the prongs can make them brittle over time. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of any grime.

The inner part of the ring’s band is always in contact with the finger and should be cleaned too. Using harsh cleaning could damage the gold. Instead one can just use a dry cloth to wipe off any residual water or oil from the metal.

Inspect your solitaire engagement ring at the jeweller’s


When you take your ring to the jeweller for inspection, he will check for the minutest damage. A chip on the diamond’s culet will be visible under 10x magnification. However small this damage is, it will increase with time. This is why it is best not to neglect the minor chip. As hard as a diamond could be, the chipping will cause the stone to weaken.

We may not be aware but most of the time the diamond on the ring comes in contact with rough surfaces. This causes light scratches on it and a few months later, the stone will start to look dull. Your diamond jeweller will check these scratches and determine if it needs polishing. Only the jeweller can decide this since there are different kinds of polishes which they understand better.

Solitaire care solves the question of how you can inspect your solitaire engagement ring. But you still need to ensure that you don’t waste any time at the store waiting to show your ring. The Divine Solitaires mobile application lets you book an appointment with your jeweller so that you can plan your store trips. Not only will you be able to take your solitaire ring to the store but you can save time in doing so!

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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