May 5, 2020
care of your diamond

Do you take enough care of your diamond?

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There are ways to ensure that your diamond is safe. You can keep it in safes and lockers. But that way, you won’t be able to wear it daily. Also, jewellery like your solitaire engagement ring isn’t something you want to stow away. It’s the one we want to admire and want everyone to notice at the first glance. So, how do you ensure that you’re taking good care of your diamond?

A proper way to keep your solitaire jewellery safe is to get insurance for it. Yes, just the way you would do for your home and your car. And then you can enjoy wearing your diamonds without worrying about them.


Why is insuring your diamond a necessity?


Your diamond, as strong as it is, will always be prone to some damage. The culet, for example, is one such part that can chip off with rough use. At first, you may not even notice it, the damage will only happen over a period of time. Only a diamond jeweller can inspect such a minuscule chip under the loupe.

An insurance will ensure that your diamond is protected against damage or loss or both. Finding a good insurance company, a suitable plan and the details are very important. All insurance plans do not cover thefts. Some may only partially compensate for the loss of your diamond. 

For something as expensive as your solitaire engagement ring, the insurance shouldn’t do a flimsy job. Do some research online, ask some family members and friends and get in touch with a reputable insurance company. Before deciding on a plan, having a word with the insurance agent is always recommended.

The best time to insure your solitaire is when you purchase it. Postponing it is never a wise idea as bad times usually strike anytime without a warning.


How can you take care of your diamond?


While your insurance plays an important part, you need to do your bit to care for your diamond. Dust, dirt, grease and water can also ruin the appearance of your solitaire, be it at home or outside. You can keep your diamonds clean, without having to always rely on your jeweller. The rule is to always be very gentle while cleaning it.

Avoid using soap for your diamond jewellery. Instead, choose a mild liquid window cleaner. And dilute that with some water. If your jewellery has prongs, the dirt gathers there. If you have a ring with a double or split band, you’ll find some grime there. Every two weeks, you can clean your ornaments.

Confused as to how your solitaire jewellery can get dirty at home? Apparently, pollution isn’t the only factor. The natural oily layer on our skin, dust particles, water from hand washing are enough to dirty your jewellery. The water, especially, will leave marks on your diamond which will affect its shine.

Therefore, after cleaning your ring, always dab it dry with a soft cloth. Avoid casually rubbing the jewellery between the cloth’s folds. The prongs or any other setting could get stuck in the fabric. Taking care of your diamond is quite easy once you know how to go about it. While the insurance is a one-time thing, the cleaning, however, has to happen regularly!

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