October 16, 2019

Care for your solitaire on a holiday

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It is easy to care for your solitaire when you’re at home and have access to all the necessary products. But what can you do when you’re miles away from home and your precious diamond engagement ring loses its shine? How are you going to clean it without damaging the prongs or scratching the solitaire?

It is easy to care for your solitaire if you plan it


Just as you would plan what to pack for your trip, take your solitaire jewellery into consideration too. It’s true that it’s difficult to damage a diamond but here are some things you should be careful of. For example, repeated rough use can leave very minute scratches on the stone and later it can ruin the appearance.

Human skin has natural oils which transfer onto jewellery that comes in contact with it. You obviously need not wash the diamond ring daily, in fact, keeping it dry most of the times is important. Cleaning your solitaire is something you’d do at home most of the time. There’s usually no need to take it to the jeweller for cleaning unless you feel the prongs will come out.

Cleaning your diamond ring


There are a variety of solitaire cleaning products in the market. A typical cleaning kit would include a polishing cream, spray, a soft piece of fabric and a small soft brush. The kit is usually a small one and you can carry it along on a holiday.

If you don’t have the time to purchase these before your trip, carry some mild cleaning solution from home. All you have to do is mix a few drops of cleaner in some water and mix it. Transfer the same to a small bottle and also carry a soft cloth for cleaning the diamond.

In any case, you can also buy or borrow some mild cleaning liquid at the place you’re holidaying at. Just so that you don’t forget it in the first place, add the diamond cleaning kit to your checklist. Just as long as you’re not vigorously scrubbing your diamond jewellery, it’s fine. You will be able to clean your diamond with no damage and care for your solitaire. 

Check the ring for damages


Take it to the jeweller before your holiday to check if the diamond jewellery is prone to any damage. Many a time, the prongs holding the solitaire are loose or bent which may cause the stone to fall off. The loss of the solitaire would mean a heavy financial loss. Even though the insurance will cover the damage, a loss is always upsetting.

Your jeweller will replace or fix the prongs if he feels they could pose a threat to the diamond. Carry your diamond certificate and receipt to the store. Most good diamond jewellery brands offer maintenance for at least six months to care for your solitaire. It is better to visit the jeweller well before the trip so that he has enough time to assess the diamond.

Sometimes, the diamond’s culet is damaged due to rough use and while doing household chores. This happens especially if it is tension set diamond that leaves the culet exposed. Though it may seem harmless at first, the chip will only get bigger and the diamond will start looking bad. If the jeweller feels the need to replace the diamond, he will do so. In case you have to pay anything extra, your diamond insurance will cover it.

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