March 11, 2020
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Winsome white gold solitaire ring designs

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Gold has always been popular with us for a very long time. And adding solitaires to a piece of gold jewellery makes it even more amazing. You can wear solitaires daily and never be bored with them. But how do you ensure that you can wear a few solitaire jewellery pieces again and again daily? The answer is white gold solitaire jewellery.

When we go shopping for jewellery, at the back of our minds there’s more than just achieving a beautiful look. We want jewellery that will withstand the wear and tear from daily exposure. Something that will complement the sparkle of the solitaires that accompany it.


Is white gold what we think it is?


A handful of novice solitaire jewellery buyers still confuse white gold with platinum. However, they’re two different metals. By itself, gold is a very delicate metal and is hardly durable for daily use. Which is why an alloy of other metals is necessary to make it stronger. Rose gold uses an alloy of copper for its pinkish tint. White gold does the same with nickel, silver or any other white metal.

Since the colour is yellow, even some white gold jewellery may have a slight yellow tinge. This may not always be noticeable but there is nothing wrong with that. For a better finish, a lot of jewellers also use rhodium plating. This masks any traces of yellow in the white gold.

There are ways to care for your jewellery. Apart from cleaning it with a liquid solution and soft cloth every few months, treat it carefully daily. When it comes to your precious solitaire jewellery, it is the diamond as well as the metal that should be treated well.

White gold is strong and durable but it is not completely resistant to external damage. These could be caused by chemicals in your hair care products or even daily wear and tear. If you feel that a certain task may hurt your ring, take it off and wear it again later. 


Is it the best choice for daily wear rings?


A lot of people choose platinum for their engagement rings. There is no doubt that platinum may be a great choice. But a lot of people choose white gold as well. And what difference does that make? For one, they are two different metals. Secondly, platinum may be a bit more expensive than white gold. This completely depends on the total weight of your ring as well as the design. It is possible that, at times, a piece of white gold jewellery can also be more expensive than platinum. And what’s more? You can match white gold jewellery with all of your outfits!

And if you’re looking for some interesting designs that you can flaunt, here are some beauties.


white gold solitaire ring
RF1113 – Classic women’s diamond ring


The elegance of a tension-set solitaire ring with four prongs will remain, forever, unequalled. This is what makes this design eternal!


white gold
RF1835 – Twining vine women’s solitaire ring


The two portions of the split band twined into a gorgeous ring says a lot about the craftsmanship behind the design. And a solitaire makes it all the more special.


women's solitaire ring
RF2053 – Branched gold women’s diamond ring


When it’s time to take things a step ahead, a beautiful solitaire makes a proposal even more lovely. Let her be dazzled as she says yes.


A little more to the white gold


soilitaire diamond ring for her
RF2102 – Milgrain glamour women’s solitaire ring


Ever noticed how a simple millgrain pattern on the solitaire ring’s band can completely change its appeal? You have a beautiful design minus the frills in this one.


white gold
RF2065 – Curvy vine women’s solitaire ring


When you feel like sporting an artsy piece of jewellery, here is something for those times. The brilliance of the solitaire makes it even better for you.


white gold
RF2100 – Braided clasp solitaire ring for her


A solitaire on a ring looks great by itself but when you add an intricate and pretty design on the shank, it looks even better. That’s something like your love story.


solitaire diamond ring
RF2105 – Twirling gold diamond ring for her


Add a few diamonds along with an intricate design to the classic solitaire ring and you have a charming engagement ring that you’ll remember forever.

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