April 17, 2020
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What does a solitaire mean to millennials?

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The present generation, especially millennials, is quite keen about the way they carry themselves. This means that they ensure that they look presentable at all times. Jewellery plays an important role here and so they also choose them carefully. Solitaire jewellery is therefore a feasible choice for them.

Diamonds are a popular choice among millennials because of the sparkle and lustre. However, diamond jewellery isn’t exactly always up to the mark for daily wear. Diamond jewellery designs are often quite elaborate and make them more suitable for traditional wear. While keeping the style factor in mind, this generation also pays attention to the quality and pricing.

Solitaire jewellery resonates well with them because it is contemporary, light in weight and versatile. It makes more sense to millennials than bulky gold jewellery because they need something that they can wear to work, to a party, a family function or on a business trip. 

Solitaire jewellery ticks all the boxes here. Not only does it look more contemporary but is also very versatile. A single piece of solitaire jewellery, maybe a pendant, is good enough for different looks.


A solitaire over gold & diamonds?


While gold and diamonds are still in trend, solitaires are slowly taking over. However, when it comes to wearing gold jewellery, millennials are not very open to flaunting it. An occasional gold chain is still in trend but not as much as solitaires.

There are a few basic things one needs to know before buying solitaire jewellery. Given its property of focusing attention on a single diamond, the designs are abundant.

For the millennials, solitaire jewellery has become a very integral part of their lifestyle in the form of an engagement ring,  wedding ring or couple bands as anniversary gifts. It’s that one piece of jewellery that compliments all modern looks. These adornments not just serve its own purpose but also become an attractive ornament for all their outfits. With so many millennials keen on having solitaire engagement rings, there is an exponentially growing demand for this category.


A beautiful asset for a lifetime


A general trend among millennials is to buy solitaire jewellery that can be upgraded after a certain period of time. Even young couples do the same with their solitaire engagement rings, maybe a few years after the occasion.

It could be a way of renewing their relationship with a better solitaire and design while creating a new milestone. Or it could be a means of owning a larger solitaire since they are too expensive for direct purchase. Few jewellers offer good upgrade policies where you can eventually have a bigger solitaire without spending a bomb.

Another notable trend is that millennials are open to shopping for jewellery online. While this is the case most of the time, they prefer buying engagement rings at stores in person. Which shows that while they are ready to purchase light solitaires online, they’re cautious while making major transactions.

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