January 31, 2020
versatile solitaire pendants

Versatile solitaire pendants for the win

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Solitaire pendants are the very pieces of solitaire jewellery you will always need. Convenient and light, not only women but also men can sport versatile solitaire pendants. They are the ideal gifting option when you cannot find the right ring size for your loved one.

Solitaire pendants have the kind of charm that can transform your entire look. Even if you choose to avoid other jewellery, they are enough by themselves. Now, we know that you can never have enough of solitaires but even one stone can work wonders!


Design your own versatile solitaire pendants


You can create versatile solitaire pendants for yourself either at the jewellers or even online. The process is quick and easy. All it takes is a little thought into how you want to design it.

It is easier to customise a solitaire pendant that any other piece of diamond jewellery. Firstly, you need not worry about the size of the chain. You can add any of these versatile solitaire pendants to a chain of your choice!

You can check out some of the designs to which style suits you the best!



versatile solitaire pendants
#PF1175: Curvy fashion diamond pendant



A luminescent solitaire laced by two curves vertically from the opposite sides creates a fashionable design for a pendant. The stone is highlighted due to its position within the golden curves.



versatile solitaire pendants
#PF1119: Classic haloed diamond pendant



The beauty of a true-blue solitaire stands out clearly when it is surrounded by a halo of side stones. This classic pendant is a wonderful example of agelessness and elegance.



heart-shaped pendant
#PF1168: Heart-of-gold diamond pendant



A brilliant centrepiece at the ‘heart’ of this cute and classic design can never go out of style. Let this trinket hold a special place in your heart.



versatile solitaire pendants
#PF1182: Studded hoop solitaire pendant



A gold hoop with three pavé set curves along the circle gives the design a look of continuity while each curve starts with a prong that holds a fabulous solitaire in the centre. The gaps between these arcs create a pinwheel motif.



diamond jewellery
#PF1310: Florid glitter solitaire pendant



Who doesn’t like floral pendants? But only a solitaire diamond can make such a beautiful design even more attractive. Simple designs are indeed the best.


Why is this piece of solitaire jewellery special?


Versatile solitaire pendants are special because of their ability to blend in with all looks. You can wear a diamond pendant to work and then wear the same one to a party. That single piece is going to perfectly complement two of your looks without you putting in any extra effort.

Also, when you’re setting a budget on your solitaire jewellery shopping, you’ll notice that solitaire pendants are pretty affordable. Other solitaire jewellery, no matter how fabulous they are, could be a tad bit expensive.

One reason for this is that even a small diamond on your pendant can work wonders if you choose a nice design. Just keep this pro-tip in mind – play with the setting and the solitaire size to create the perfect look! If the setting is elaborate and has diamonds, like a halo setting, you can keep the solitaire small.

On the other hand, if you’re using a simple four-prong setting for your diamond, you can opt for a larger solitaire. Versatile solitaire pendants allow you to choose from a range of diamonds and settings. You can then choose a suitable design for yourself.

Lastly, remember that a solitaire pendant need not always be elaborate and have a lot of diamonds to look pretty. When it comes to solitaire jewellery, overdoing it with the diamonds or the setting can mess up your hard work.

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