January 31, 2020
two-stone diamond rings

Two-stone diamond rings: Take or pass?

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Diamond jewellery has its own charm and cannot be compared to other types of jewellery. A piece of diamond jewellery becomes even more interesting when it can be worn in many ways. Two-stone diamond rings are just the ornament that comes to mind when you think about versatility. Let’s look into what two-stone diamond rings are and how you can wear one to complement your personal style.

Each design is unique and can match your look appropriately. The beauty of the jewellery lies not just in the solitaires but also the pattern.


What’s special about two-stone diamond rings?


Two-stone diamond rings consist of two solitaires on a single design. According to the occasion and your styling needs, you can wear them together or just one at a time.

There can be single-tone or two-tone rings. Usually, the pattern is symmetrical and is made such that it can accommodate two diamonds. However, there can asymmetrical designs too. 

If you choose an elaborate floral pattern for your two-stone diamond rings, then don’t pair it with another ring. If you overdo it, the entire look could go wrong. As such, two solitaires are quite enough to give the ornament a brilliant appeal.



two-stone diamond rings
#RF1511: Paired stones women’s diamond ring


Diamonds on a jewel always add a festive and sophisticated touch to your look. Let this magnificent two-diamond ring help you make a statement at any traditional function.



two-stone diamond rings
#RF1821: Studded flower diamond ring


The studded band’s ends serve as the stem of the two flowers, each adorned with a solitaire in the middle. The two different gold colours demarcate the ring band and the design. 


Can you pair them with other rings?


It is advisable to avoid mixing metal colours that do not complement each other at all. For example, oxidised silver and rose gold can look hideous instead of quirky.

Sometimes, two-stone diamond rings can be used along with an engagement ring or a wedding ring. However, that would mean that the engagement ring has to be really simple. Or you could simply avoid wearing your engagement or wedding ring with this style of rings.

While two-stone diamond rings can be used with other rings for stacking, they are not called stacking rings. The elaborate design does not allow stacking. It will look like you are wearing too many rings if you add even one more ring. They’re meant to be statement rings and so, they should be worn just as they are.



two-stone diamond rings
#RF1823: Joint hearts diamond ring


The diamond-studded outline of the two heart-shaped designs creates an attractive frame for the lovely solitaires within. The centre stones, clearly outlined by a prong setting add more appeal to this ring.



two-stone diamond rings
#RF2067: Bright drop women’s solitaire ring


Two brilliant solitaires at the head of the ring, clasped within the golden shank is a treat for the eyes when you want a great design and solitaires.

While there is no hard-and-fast rule for styling two-stone diamond rings, there are some tips that will help you choose better. Two-stone diamond rings are often readymade but if you do have a certain design in mind, get it customised.

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