November 15, 2019
the right metal colour

The right metal colour for your solitaire jewellery

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Solitaires and solitaire jewellery are great and dazzling to look at. But the right metal colour you choose to mount your diamond on is equally important. Whether you choose to customise your jewellery or not, never ignore the metal colour.

Diamonds look great when mounted on any kind of metal. But gold and platinum are the best choices. Platinum is a strong and durable metal which makes it an ideal choice for engagement rings. But people also choose white gold for their wedding and engagement rings. 

Suppose, you customise your diamond ring. Then best bet for white gold or platinum would be a completely colourless and flawless diamond. But is that all that is there to choosing the right metal colour for your diamond jewellery?

Match it with your outfit

While there is no restriction on what colour metal you could wear with your outfits, there are some thumb rules. The basics obviously come first.

Solitaires are expensive and classy. Do them some justice by mounting them on an elegant metal like gold or platinum. And the best thing is that they are good to go with all kinds of outfits.

Yellow gold is the best choice for traditional clothing. Especially if the jewellery is bulky. If you do wear it with a dress or a gown, wear smaller pieces. In fact, rose gold and yellow gold is great to have if you want some colour in your jewellery.

Platinum rings are quite versatile. Any gemstone looks great on platinum. And it gets even better when it comes to solitaires. A platinum engagement ring will seldom come off your fingers. This is where it’s versatility comes into play. No matter what you wear, it blends well with the look.

White gold is not the same as platinum when it comes to their chemical composition. But there’s hardly any difference in the way they look. So if you choose an 18kt gold ring, you still have a durable metal. At the same time, the lack of colour helps it match nearly whatever you wear.

The right metal colour for you

If you are looking for the right metal colour for yourself, do some homework. Look into your jewellery box to see the metal colour that you don’t have. That’s one way you can shop for a new metal colour.

But ideally, the right metal colour for you would be the one that suits you the best. Suppose it is rose gold that looks good on you, then simply pick something in rose gold.

If you plan to buy loose solitaires, make sure you decide their colour and clarity, beforehand. That way, you can be sure of gold colour too. The colour of the diamond is, especially important here. You can mix and match a little with the colour of the gold and the diamond colour.

Coloured diamonds, too, go well with white metals. It is only a problem if you try matching something like a pink coloured diamond with yellow gold.

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