December 18, 2019
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The beauty of pavé engagement rings

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With so many weddings and engagements, one often marvels at the beauty of the engagement rings that people flaunt. Engagement rings, especially diamond engagement rings are quite different from other diamond rings. For one, they come in various styles and sometimes, also mean something. Most people choose pavé engagement rings because of extra sparkle.

Generally, engagement rings are meant to be a part of our appearance, considering that we hardly take it off. Depending on our tastes, some of us like subtle designs and some us like bold ones. If you’re planning to get hitched or want to help a friend choose, here’s a list of pavé engagement rings!


Simple styles in pavé engagement rings

The two ends of the bands bypass each other, the one above hoisting the solitaire in a four-prong setting. Twelve side stones embedded on the lower half of the shank add to the glamour of the ring.


pavé engagement rings
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We’re all for rings that express themselves clearly. This bold piece speaks volumes with its pavé set band and the way it elegantly winds itself around the head.


diamond engagement ring
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The scalloped pavé-set shank splits and rejoins at the base of the tension-set solitaire. This creates a beautiful texture on the band of this diamond ring.


engagement ring
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The embedded stones on the band and the charming solitaire set in four prongs are the charming bits. But the beauteous wavy form of the band has our hearts.


The bold and brilliant


pavé engagement rings
Photo: Divine Solitaires


Adding a solitaire to a row of diamonds on your ring can change the whole look. Don’t miss the intricate carving on the grooves of the side stones brings them alive. After all, your ring has to be the best.


engagement ring
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The micro-pavé setting that covers the head and shoulder of the ring gives it a mellow glow. The brighter dazzle that comes from the solitaire in a four-prong setting.


diamond ring
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The dazzling little side stones studded within a channelled groove on the band is one half the diamond ring. The basket setting formed by the band’s ends and the solitaire makes up the other half of this beautiful ornament.


pavé engagement rings
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A fancy setting can do so much to enhance the beauty of a diamond ring. This kind of pavé setting highlights the side stones embedded on the band. Additionally, the prong setting makes the solitaire look bigger.


solitaire ring
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A bit of creativity always leads to a wonderful design. This solitaire ring with a half-studded and half gold band is what we’re talking about. Note the fancy pavé setting and the gold band partly winding around the solitaire.


pavé engagement rings
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The basket setting of this solitaire ring reveals a good part of the stone, maximizing its appeal. The intricate latticework on the inside is another noteworthy feature of this ring.

Pavé engagement rings are among the most elegant engagement ring styles. So, whether you like light or elaborate designs, there will always be enough choices for you. The reason why a lot of people choose pavé engagement rings is due to their contemporary appeal and brilliance. As with all jewellery, always consider which colour metal you choose for your engagement ring.

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