January 21, 2020
styling solitaires

Styling solitaires: 5 essentials this winter

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Choosing solitaire jewellery for different occasions is a fairly simple job. The reason is the design of these ornaments. They’re simple, versatile and focus on the beauty of the solitaire. Moreover, there aren’t too many diamonds on one piece of jewellery to divide your attention. All of these qualities make solitaires a great choice for daily wear. All you have is a magnificent solitaire with an elegant design to complement its brilliance! Of course, when you knowing the art of styling solitaires makes everything easier.

Most women who wear jewellery at all pick solitaire jewellery because it is light and has a contemporary appeal. They also take the weather into consideration while selecting what jewellery they want to wear. But with solitaires and solitaire jewellery, one doesn’t need to do that. This is why our jewellery boxes have a few essentials that we mix and match with our various outfits. Styling solitaires is no big deal once you know which designs are the best for you.


Styling solitaires for daily use


Solitaire stud earrings are a thing because of their simple design and comfort. It is especially a comfortable daily wear option for women who have long hair. Whether you wear your hair long or short matters when you choose your earrings. But stud earrings are quite flexible that way.

Very little needs to be done to beautify an already perfect round-cut solitaire. But with a six-prong setting on these earrings, the precious stone makes for a classic yet dazzling work of art.



styling solitaires
#EF1198: Crowned solitaire stud earrings



Have you noticed how a solitaire pendant can completely and effortlessly transform your look? And if there’s a dancing diamond involved, you know how pretty that’s going to look. Honestly speaking, when a moving solitaire becomes part of the jewellery design, it amps up the glamour quotient.

Two pavé set semi arcs on a gold hoop encircle the brilliant solitaire within. The precious diamond suspended from a minuscule loop keeps the stone away from the rest of the design. Pair it with a pair of diamond earrings to add some more sparkle to your look!



styling solitaires
#PF1177: Swirl Fashion Diamond Pendant



A small splash of side diamonds on one part of the earring’s design takes things up a notch. Not to mention that the dancing solitaire in the centre is sure to catch your attention first.



styling solitaires
#EF1425: Studded swirl solitaire earrings



When its flexible solitaire jewellery



When we say solitaire stud earrings, it doesn’t necessarily mean just the diamonds. The design has to be equally attractive. And if you’re looking for something you can wear at work and then to your friend’s party, here you go!

A pair of diamond-studded earrings, with a halo of shimmering side stones, on a floral design should be yours. These gorgeous pieces can be worn two ways; wear only the solitaire with the screw when you opt for a simpler look. Or add the other part for a detailed embellishment.


#EF1134: Convertible floral diamond earrings



If you own diamond jewellery and don’t have a pair of danglers in your jewellery box, get one now! Even better if they’re a pair of lariat earrings. Like convertible pieces, there’s flexibility in styling with these. And while you’re at it, add a fine lariat necklace as well!

If you’re tired of wearing the same design, then here’s something just for you. Move the solitaires as you please and in any way that makes you feel pretty!



#EF1429: Drifting dreams solitaire earrings



Flexible designs are beautiful because even you can decide the way you want them to look. So, instead of several necklaces, you just need one versatile design!



#NK1136: Swerving rocks lariat necklace



Now that we know how easy styling solitaires can be, it’s time to put it into practice. While we pay attention to our hairstyles and the shape of our faces, styling solitaires also depends on our mood! There are days when we like to wear a statement piece to work. That’s because even large solitaire jewellery is hardly ever flashy.

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