May 7, 2020
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Solitaires to wear while working from home

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Is it strange to wear jewellery at home? Of course not! In fact, we do keep our earrings, rings and pendants on most of the time. And we don’t even realise it. So why not solitaire jewellery? It’s light, stylish and makes us look and feel wonderful. And now that you’re working from home, solitaires will definitely cheer you up, won’t they?

It’s true that there are no friends and colleagues to admire them at home. But it is okay to do this for yourself sometimes. Just to feel nice as you make notes and hop into your routine.


Working from home? Try a solitaire ring


Working from home surely involves your laptop. And as you’re typing away, why not add a beautiful and delicate solitaire ring to your finger? After all, it is refreshing to see something pretty when you glance at your hand once in a while. Maybe sit next to the window and let the natural light make your diamond shine!



solitaire ring
RF1660: Grace studded women’s diamond ring



Add a pendant to the look


A nice solitaire pendant can make you feel good about yourself. Especially when you’re battling strict deadlines. But don’t forget to take a moment to look into the mirror and smile some of that tension away! There are just a few problems that solitaires cannot solve and stress isn’t one of them.



working from home
#PF1309: Circling duo solitaire pendant



Your earrings while working from home


Now that you’re not in office, you can bring out those lovely solitaire earrings. Yes, those same ones you wear only on days when you don’t have to rush from meeting to meeting. So, now is the time you can wear them. If you’re not fond of heavy earrings then bring out those diamond studs. You’ll hardly feel them on your ears but they’ll still be shining bright!



working from home
#EF1403: Overlap solitaire stud earrings



The favourite solitaire bracelet


Who doesn’t love a diamond bracelet? While we may avoid them sometimes due to household chores, at other times, we need them. A solitaire bracelet makes your wrist look lovely and gives it a delicate appeal. Instead of seeing your bare wrists as you work, slip on your favourite solitaire bracelet!



solitaire bracelet
BF1117: Clasped solitaire bracelet



Even though you’re at home, you’re still working and probably also doing some housework. Therefore, something as light as solitaire jewellery is a great way to look and feel lovely. And let’s not forget the meetings over video calls. Don’t we want to look presentable then?

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