January 20, 2020
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Solitaires for yourself: A personal celebration

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Everyone needs to celebrate a little once in a while. And that’s just not on birthdays and anniversaries, it could be any special moment in your life. Taking yourself out for movies and quiet dinners are obviously a welcome idea. But what if the celebration needs more than that? What would you gift yourself then? Buying solitaires for yourself is definitely a great way to remember your personal achievements and milestones!

Whether you’ve started a new job a few months ago or have been promoted, make the best of it. Getting solitaires for yourself is a different business than gifting solitaires to friends and family. To begin with, it’s a lot easier buying solitaires or solitaire jewellery for yourself. Moreover, you can buy any piece of jewellery you feel looks the best on you.

What should you choose when you buy solitaires for yourself?


The very first tip to purchasing solitaires for yourself is understanding what designs suit you the best. If diamond rings aren’t your thing, you might not have more than one or two rings in your possession. And if you’re in love with solitaire pendants, you may have binge shopped on at least a few pieces over the years!

It is wise to choose something that you’ve always wanted to buy. A solitaire nose pin or a pair of earrings are great pieces. Solitaire stud earrings are versatile ornaments and most women enjoy wearing different styles wherever they go!

You can always take a look at your jewellery box before you make a purchase. In most cases, you will find that you need a new piece already. It can be a new pair of solitaire earrings or a diamond bracelet.

Have you ever realised how tempting every solitaire jewellery design looks when you’re mindlessly browsing an online jewellery store? If you’re buying solitaires online, make sure you know what you intend to buy. It is also easy to customise your own solitaire jewellery. 

What makes buying your own diamonds easier?


When you buy solitaires for your best friend or your partner, there are things you’ll know and some you won’t. The ring size is one such example of where things could go wrong. Here is where you get an edge while buying solitaires for yourself.

The budget becomes yet another problem. When you give a gift to someone else, you tend to overspend a little. Mainly because you don’t want to look thrifty and give them a really small stone. But when it comes to getting one for yourself, you know exactly how much you need to spend. And you somehow manage to strike the right balance between budget and quality.

Celebrations need not always be loud and lavish. Buying solitaires for yourself can be silent but a grand celebration at the same. Most importantly, solitaires will outlive any gift you could eve gift to yourself!

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