October 25, 2019
solitaire pendants

Solitaire pendants: Styles for Friday evening

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A fine way to end a long and busy week would be to go out with some friends. Of course, they’ll not judge you for what you wear but every woman wants to look her best in public. And what could be better than some trendy solitaire pendants to jazz up the look?

And what’s more! With the festive season, Friday evenings could also mean catching up with your inner circle of friends. Festivals are for fun, relaxation, sweets and interacting with your favourite people. And that’s exactly what we want to do. But not without some dazzling solitaires!

Solitaire pendants have the kind of charm that can transform your entire look. Even if you choose to avoid other jewellery, they are enough by themselves. Now, we know that you can never have enough of solitaires but even one stone can work wonders!





The love knot is not a conventional solitaire jewellery design but hey, let’s get creative! A diamond pendant like this one features a breath-taking solitaire resting at the base of two intertwined gold loops. The braided look given by the combination of two hoops provides more length to the piece. A long gown to go with it will be a visual treat!





The five small cascading bezel-set side stones lead to a drop-shaped cradle that features a bright solitaire in the middle. If your solitaire jewellery has a drop-shaped design, rest assured that you can wear it with any outfit. With a design so fine, one does not need to say anything more.


Halos that make heads turn






The beauty of a true-blue solitaire stands out clearly when it is surrounded by a halo of side stones. This classic pendant is a wonderful example of agelessness and elegance.



solitaire pendants



The semi-bezel set solitaire in a round golden groove and protected by two brackets, the precious round-cut gleaming solitaire shines brightly from inside its resting spot.





A brilliant centrepiece at the ‘heart’ of this cute and classic design can never go out of style. Let this trinket hold a special place in your heart.


Solitaire pendants that hold the gaze





This fine pendant features a stunning tension-set solitaire with two prongs at the end of the design. With a stone-studded and curved V-shaped motif holds the precious centrepiece. This dainty design is an ideal accompaniment to traditional and western outfits, alike.



solitaire pendants



Of all the ways you can set a solitaire on jewellery, putting it at the open end of a gold half-bow seems like a good option. Who knew that a simple design like this could be so lovely?

During the festive season, solitaire pendants could be the best gifts you could give to yourself or your loved ones. Solitaire designs are light and simple, and as a result, very pleasing to the eye. You can be sure that the receiver of such a gift will treasure them for life.

Moreover, it’s a myth that solitaire pendants are unnecessarily expensive. On the contrary, a little planning will help you have some nice solitaire pendants in your budget. At times, you wish you could have them all!

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