September 19, 2019

Solitaire earrings to complement your face shape

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It’s amazing how just the shape of someone’s face can define so much about their looks. You face shape may not be unique but it says a lot about you. There are five face shapes – round, long, square, heart and oval. These shapes are more or less are clearly defined. Nevertheless, the earrings we wear influence the look of each face cut. If you choose the right kind of solitaire earrings that will flatter your face shape, it makes a lot of difference.

Getting dressed in a hurry often leads to fashion disasters. There’s one time in every women’s life when she has worn a pair of earrings that she later regretted wearing. Though you can’t go wrong with diamond earrings, matching them with your face shape is a safe trick. Also, the next time you’re getting dressed, save some time instead of trying on all the earrings you own!


If your face is wide across the cheekbones and narrower at the forehead and jawline, then you have a round face. To complement your face, you can choose medium length danglers that have a mild, rounded design at the bottom. Such earrings highlight the form of your face. But completely avoid small or large hoop earrings. They’ll only make your face look rounder.





Your face is square if – your forehead runs straight along your hairline and your chin is nearly square or flat. Danglers with a round or floral design will contrast perfectly with the angles of your countenance. Even with solitaire stud earrings, then go for a floral design or rounded design. Avoid square or sharp designs, regardless of the earring’s length.




A broad forehead, narrow cheekbones and a tapering chin indicate that you have a heart-shaped face shape. To add more volume to the narrow chin, try drop-shaped earrings. Danglers or diamond studs, this pattern will balance the narrowness of your chin with the earring’s rounded bottom.




Now, that’s a lucky one! Most people have a face that’s either oval or at least close to the oval shape. The good news is that they can carry off any look when it comes to earrings, especially solitaire earrings. All oval faces are not necessarily long, so danglers and studs are equally suitable. So feel free to go all out and wear any earring you want!




You’re just as blessed. But you do want to be careful with the length of the earrings. The pieces you wear should not clash with the length of your face. Ideally, the earrings should not be as long as your face. Wear all kinds of diamond studs, no restrictions. With danglers, go only for those which do not make your face appear longer. Preferably slim danglers with small designs.

These are tips you can always follow for all types of earrings. With so many options in solitaire jewellery, you can freely experiment with anything that suits you.



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