October 19, 2019

Solitaire designs: The unconventional earring

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Solitaire jewellery designs are fairly simple. For one, there are fewer diamonds on an ornament but they are brilliant and well-placed. There are classics and then there is the unconventional. Solitaire designs, especially, earrings are great pieces that can use some off-beat motifs. They look pretty in a different way. Of course, there is nothing strange about them but they’re definitely not your classic designs.

People tend to notice the jewellery we wear on our face and fingers. If you want to show off non-classic designs, then earrings are always the best solitaire jewellery you can experiment with. Not only are they easier to choose as compared to diamond rings but are more prominent. 

Solitaire designs you could switch to

Lopsided diamond drop earrings

Some solitaire designs were simply meant to be different. It may not be something you see every day but it is still perfect and enchanting. Capable of tingling the senses of a perfectionist, this design features two tilted triangles securing the precious solitaire. But bold designs are meant to be special, so why not treat yourself to this wonderful earring?

InVerted solitaire stud earrings

If classic solitaire designs aren’t a daily affair for you, then here’s something new. While the form is simple, it is also unconventional. The inverted V-shaped diamond earrings were pretty by themselves. Then the solitaires came along and brought the whole design to life.

Gold bolt solitaire stud earrings

There are certain solitaire designs you cannot find everywhere no matter where you look. A perfect example is this pair of solitaire stud earrings. The same goes for the round brilliant solitaire that is cut to precision. The four sets of gold bars flanking the centrepiece not only add volume to the design but also enhance it.

Gold grid solitaire stud earrings

Gifts can look simple but they’re the best when they don’t. Be it for yourself or for a loved one. Which is why this dazzling pair of solitaire earrings could be a great option. The elegant gold grid forms the perfect square enclosure for the round brilliant solitaire.

Pavé curved stem diamond stud earrings

This design incorporates a complex yet trendy form, with a curved pavé-set stem overlapped by a golden curve. The solitaire at the end of the design is semi-bezel set and secured by three prongs. What makes this design beautiful is its appearance of being incomplete though it really isn’t.

The one-of-a-kind feeling


Be it white, yellow or rose gold, you can always try untraditional designs in with different coloured metals. It only adds to the uniqueness of such designs. Solitaire designs are at an advantage because the perfectly cut stones are better at catching and reflecting light.

The next time you don’t want to choose a classic piece, you can always go for something quirky. They need not always be loud or flashy, they’re just pieces you won’t find everywhere. 

While they may not be the best pick for formal wear but they’re surely a great choice for parties or outings. Whether you choose to wear them daily or sometimes, they’re definitely worth a place in your jewellery box. Just as long as the solitaires on the ornament are perfect, everything else is good to go!

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