September 6, 2019

Solitaire bracelets: 5 weekly workwear styles

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When it comes to wearing solitaire jewellery to work, apart from your face, your hands are always in focus. From waving out to an amicable colleague to shaking hands with important visitors, your wrists will be noticed from time to time. And oh, there’s obviously the feel-good factor. Most women love wearing jewellery to work and a fine way to make a statement is through solitaire bracelets.

Read on to know what makes solitaire bracelets so amazing

Wearing jewellery to work should not be time-consuming. Imagine having to wake up each morning and thinking about what you can wear. Save time and go for simple designs that don’t require much brainwork. At the same time, no matter what kind of solitaire bracelets you choose, you’ll always rock the look!

A workday is busy enough without having to fidget with uncomfortable jewellery!


Solitaire bracelets are the perfect fit for all kinds of occasions. It is the design that differentiates a workwear bracelet from one that you wear to a function. Naturally, you choose something that will suit all your formal outfits. But did you know that beautiful and elegant jewellery can do wonders to your mood?

Workwear jewellery is meant to be light, comfortable and durable at the same time. Being lightweight and comfortable are the most important factors since it decides how you feel when you’re wearing solitaire bracelets.

The Monday mood

It’s the first day of the week and you’re ready to start a new schedule at work! But the weekend was wonderful and a part of you doesn’t want to really go. But since you must, why not think about your beautiful diamond bracelet which you’ll be wearing to work? A statement piece that boosts your mood sounds great!



Tuesdays with the team

You are a team player and enjoy working with everyone to get things done. But that is a lot of work in itself. It means meeting a lot of people and talking to them. You need a diamond bracelet that not only makes you look great but also doesn’t distract you. Something with fewer diamonds but no compromise on the dazzle.




Whacky Wednesdays

Yaay! You’re right in the middle of the week. We get it, there’s still a lot of work but you need a dash of confidence and cheer to keep going. Go for rose gold or white gold if the yellow metal isn’t your thing. With a sleek tennis bracelet on your wrist, you’re ready to face the rest of the day in office.




Tune-up the Thursdays

The weekend is one day away. You have to meet your targets and get things in place before a team meeting. That means a really busy day with no time to peep into the restroom mirror. Let your jewellery not add to your burdens. Select a sleek looking diamond wristlet for your Thursday.



Fabulous Fridays

And you’ve made it to Friday! It won’t be long before you’ll be out partying with your girl gang in the evening. And guess what? You might not even need to change the diamond bracelet you’re wearing to work. How about a fine bracelet in white gold that dazzles throughout the day and the evening?

Now that you know the way to go, why not try them out?

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