February 28, 2020
right metal colour

Shine out with the right metal colour!

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Wearing the same jewellery day in and day out is boring. And no one likes boring! So what do we do? Buying a lot of jewellery for different occasions is just going to put a strain on your time and other resources. Spending too much time picking out the right jewellery for the right event is not worth it. But there is a fix for everything! And while you choose your solitaires for each special moment, make sure you also pick the right metal colour as well.

Solitaires are good to go with precious metals like platinum and gold. When it comes to gold, you have three options – white, yellow and rose. But knowing where to wear them is important. Yellow and rose gold give off a more festive look while white looks great for daily wear. But it doesn’t always work that way. There’s always the right metal colour for every occasion.


The right metal colour to enhance each look


The subtle glamour of white gold

You’re right if you think white gold is great for daily wear. It is also definitely an alternative to platinum. Being a neutral gold colour, you can wear it with nearly anything. Your office look is something white gold can light up. At the same time, it is sober and superbly formal. Light designs are the best in this colour.

The gorgeous shine of yellow gold

Millennials may not be too fond of yellow gold, given how OTT it can look. But the right tone can look elegant. A lot of jewellery in the market says that this group hasn’t completely shunned this gold colour. A lot of people still choose the classic over white gold and platinum for their rings.

Indian wedding ceremonies still involve yellow gold as it is said to be auspicious. The warmth of this colour makes it a great accompaniment to traditional wear. And so, the next time you’re up for a saree that needs yellow gold, go for it!

The elegant glow of rose gold

Rose gold is quite popular and it is not just with jewellery. Watches and electronics also carry off this colour very well. And wearing this colour is not just a fad, it is here to stay. Like yellow gold, it is quite a festive colour. And like white gold, it has a very contemporary appeal. Which is why it is nearly everyone’s favourite.


Experiment a little for best results


It is always a good idea to combine two metal colours for a fun look. And when you say fun, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on elegance. They can go hand-in-hand! The goldtone is also quite an important factor.

Don’t let the tones clash if you’re planning to wear two colours together. It’s best to use a lighter tone of yellow gold or rose gold when you’re wearing them with white gold. Darker tones work well when it comes to cocktail jewellery or chunky statement pieces. And talking about tones, also check out what looks best with your skin tone.

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