December 6, 2019
rose gold

Rose gold, the colour of romance

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Rose gold, which we can also call pink gold is a beautiful metal that goes well with diamonds. If you don’t like yellow gold and white gold is too plain for you, rose gold is a great option. In fact, most women pick this colour because of its ornamental appeal. And as far as trends are concerned, the metal has been popular only since the last few years.

Rose gold, however, is not a new metal colour. Our phones, watches and other electronic gadgets come in rose gold. The appeal of this metal is different from yellow gold, it has a more contemporary touch. It is mainly the older generation of consumers who largely choose yellow gold.

It is nothing but a combination of copper, silver and gold. The pink tone comes from the copper. But the colour is not the only thing that comes from copper and silver. They also make the metal stronger.

So, if you go for a rose gold ornament with a slight tinge of pink, it means that the copper content is lesser. When opting for a gentle look, one can go for lighter shades. 

Not only do the designs blend beautifully with the pink colour but also make the ornament look even better. It is also not a very common gold colour which is why it is still a fresh choice for a majority of consumers.


What about rose gold diamond engagement rings?


Though white gold is a more popular choice when it comes to engagement rings, rose gold also looks pretty! In fact, you can also set a diamond with a pink tint if you need to.

Of course, you should choose a good quality diamond for your rose gold engagement ring. Hence, pay attention to the 4Cs. However, being a coloured metal, you can choose a diamond with a few blemishes. This means that you need not opt for a diamond with the highest clarity.

But it comes to the colour, avoid choosing a diamond with a hint of yellow in it. While we’re all for mixing and matching coloured diamonds with coloured gold, yellow stones and pink gold are a no-no. Stick to a colourless diamond or one with a pinkish tinge.


Why is pink gold associated with romance?


We give red or pink roses to someone we love. Romance is usually associated with the colour red or pink. It is for this reason that rose gold jewellery also has a romantic touch.

Unlike yellow gold, this metal is quite light and one can wear it daily. The lighter the colour, the better it blends with daily styles. In fact, you can choose a deeper shade of rose gold if you want a more elaborate and dramatic look. Also, the warmth of the colour makes it a romantic gift for your partner!

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