March 6, 2020
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Try-at-home: The solitaire jewellery experience

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Shopping for jewellery online has made life much simpler than before. You don’t have to go store to store to select a piece of solitaire jewellery. It saves more time than you think. But sometimes, even online shopping doesn’t live up to our expectations. How many times have you ordered clothes only to discover that they look different from those on your screen? Nearly all of us have faced that, which is why most brands have a return policy. Now, let’s assume you want to save more time buying jewellery online. This is where you opt for try-at-home jewellery and in the process, avoid some hassle!

The experience of exploring diamond jewellery should be smooth and convenient. And this is why there is no better place than your home to try out jewellery in peace and comfort. Can you imagine not having to get all dressed up, take your car or book a cab to go shopping? Instead, you have knowledgeable brand representatives at your doorstep who will help you with the jewellery and your queries. Moreover, you can choose as many designs as you want to try.


Try-at-home if you can’t trust online shopping


When you order your diamond jewellery online, you know how it looks. The only thing that is missing is the way it feels until you wear it. That is something you can only do at a jewellery store. And that again has its drawbacks and hassles.

By choosing try-at-home, you have the liberty to try whatever styles you choose and find out which works the best.


The second opinion that matters


Getting to try the jewellery at home before you buy it has its perks. You may not be able to openly ask your family and friends about their opinion at a store. But that is something you can do at home. It is time-consuming but here, no one is going to give you grief over it.

You can also take a picture to send to your fashionista cousin who stays in another part of the country. That way you’ll be sure what you should buy.


Pair it with your best outfit


If the jewellery is for daily wear, you can pair it with your outfits to see which ones match. As such solitaire jewellery blends in with nearly everything you wear. But for your satisfaction, this is something you can always try.

Suppose you have specifically ordered the jewellery with a particular dress in mind, here’s the chance to find out. Even though you may have visualised it while placing the order, nothing’s better than an actual dress rehearsal.


The try-at-home experience for privacy


Let’s face the facts, diamond jewellery stores are never empty. Even if there are no buyers there, there will always be several brand representatives. And we are discussing this because you might want to admire your jewellery from different angles. And you need your personal space for this activity.

It is a different story if people admire you when you’re all dressed up and going to an event. The same thing happening at the store while trying the jewellery might not feel that appropriate.

There are so many more reasons why the try-at-home experience is quite attractive for many. It not only helps you save time but also lets you manage it. And did you know that this facility involves no cost at all? All you need to do is place the order and click on try-at-home. It takes just a few simple steps and you can try on the jewellery at home with no costs involved!

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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