July 4, 2019
pear-shaped diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds and raindrops

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The monsoon means something to everyone. The rain gives a fresh look to the parched trees and shrubs. Makes us feel alive too, after all the merciless heat of the long summer. It also brings a welcome change in the wardrobe, making us ditch the summer wear for a few months. And when it comes to solitaire jewellery, what better than pear-shaped diamonds to symbolise the clear, life-giving raindrops?

We love shopping and dressing for the rains – weather-durable shoes and all! So why should you leave the jewellery out of it? Go for lightweight solitaire jewellery that won’t be difficult to handle during a downpour.

Solitaire jewellery is a great option for the monsoon since water does no damage to diamonds, whatsoever. Moreover, the facets of pear-shaped diamonds are quite similar to that of a brilliant round cut. If they have the perfect shape and symmetry, they too will be as good as a round cut diamond.


Get the perfect pear-shaped diamonds


We know what a pear looks like; a broad bottom and a tapered top. When it comes to choosing a diamond in that shape, precision is obviously the most important factor here.

Before we get into what an ideal pear-shaped diamond looks like, know that it has a few parts. These help you understand how you can get your hands on the best diamond.

The narrowest portion of a pear-shaped diamond is called a point and the broadest part is called the head. With pear-shaped diamond rings or diamond earrings, we mostly prefer designs with the point on top. However, some designs also call for the inverted pear shape.

The middle part of a pear-shaped diamond is the belly. The belly and the head are quite important since a miscalculation can make the pear shape look nearly round.

There are two more parts on a pear-shaped diamond – the shoulder and the wing. The first is the part between the head and the belly while the latter is between the belly and the point.


Attention to symmetry


The shoulder and the wing of the pear shape need to be very gently rounded. They too define how narrow or broad the pear shape can become. Here, the skill of the artisan is important; people with years of experience craft the best diamonds.

According to our personal preferences, we tend to choose the amount of colour in a diamond. While it is perfectly alright to choose a colourless diamond, pear-shaped ones look better with some colour. It is perhaps the shape that makes the diamond more flexible that way.

While choosing the perfect pear-shaped diamond, the symmetry is what determines the shape of the stone. If you draw a line down the middle of a pear-shaped diamond, one side should be a mirror image of the other.

A pear-shaped diamond tends to display a shadowy pattern along its belly. This pattern closely resembles a bow-tie. In some diamonds, it is quite dark and affects the beauty of the stone. But if cut to perfection, then the bow-tie pattern appears lighter and in fact, makes the diamond even prettier.

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