December 7, 2019
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Pair your diamond wedding ring with other rings

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Your diamond wedding ring is special and precious. Not only did you invest time and money on it but it also holds the best memories of your life.

But it is not just the money and the effort that you put into finding the perfect diamond wedding ring? Like your solitaire engagement ring, you also need to consider several things before getting the wedding ring. You diamond wedding ring is a piece that will be on your finger every single day. People seldom take it off unless they’re doing something that could damage the ring.

Today, wedding rings are light and classy. Women as well as men, choose designs that will not interfere with their daily tasks. They also look for those that they can wear with all their outfits. Elaborate motifs are likely to stick out like a sore thumb on formal wear.


Combining two styles and metals


It doesn’t matter why you need to pair your diamond wedding ring with other rings. Some of us do it to make a style statement while others simply like wearing more rings. If you’re not cool with taking off your precious ring while wearing the others, no sweat!

This is when you can consider pairing your diamond wedding ring with other rings. Here are some things that you could try and some you must absolutely avoid:

For classic diamond cuts:

Wedding ring diamonds are usually round brilliant and so make sure the other ring is also a classic design. As far as possible, keep the look simple. The real beauty lies in the diamond, so pay more attention to that.


For fancy diamond cuts:


If your ring has a fancy diamond cut and there are side diamonds too, then the other ring can be plain. You can also try using a gold ring with a wavy pattern for a soft look. Always keep the other ring as simple as you can. Even if there are diamonds on it, make sure they don’t overpower the main ring.

You can also mix and match two metal colours if a single colour metal is too plain for you. Yellow gold and rose gold can have different shades. Keep it subtle and choose the lighter tones for a classic look.

Have you tried two-tone rings? They’re the best way to wear two metal colours together on a single ring. If you can design your diamond wedding ring that way, then you should definitely do it!


Match your diamond wedding ring with your partner’s


It is easier to pair your wedding ring with your partner’s if you both go shopping together. Even then, you need to know what kind of designs will appeal to both of you. Men’s rings tend to have simpler designs and so it won’t be difficult for him to choose. Or he can design his own after you have taken your pick.

If you are gifting the wedding rings to each other, then you need to know each other’s personal styles and tastes. Once you know each other well enough, it is easier to choose a good ring for them.

The trick is to always choose simple designs with subtle motifs that one can wear at all times. After all, your diamond wedding ring is to stay on your finger as a symbol of love!

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