November 13, 2019

Must-have solitaire jewellery pieces

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Dressing up in the mornings for work should not be a task. So shouldn’t getting ready for an outing. Most of us spend close an hour choosing clothes and jewellery to wear to the office. But that’s not how it should be. The morning is the best time to invest some time in yourself. You could be reading a book, writing your journal, meditating or exercising. Of course, getting ready does count but you’re not likely to find that peace for the rest of the day. This is why you should have some must-have solitaire jewellery pieces that you can invest in.

Not only should the designs be simple and elegant but also versatile. That way, you need not spend time in the morning only selecting what jewellery you are going to wear.


A go-to pair of earrings


Sometimes, you may feel like wearing a pair of stud earrings and other days you might want something more impressive. This is when you should be switching between a pair of solitaire studs and diamond danglers.



must-have solitaire
Photo: File/Divine Solitaires



A traditional five-stone diamond earring is always a timeless favourite. Living up to that status, this pair features the popular flower-like motif of six solitaires around the centrepiece that is slightly elevated. And your age is never a barrier when it comes to solitaires.



must-have solitaire
Photo: File/Divine Solitaires



These classic, tension-set pair of diamond earrings are quite the piece a woman would love to flaunt every day. It is common knowledge that classic styles never fail to add that extra élan to an already fabulous look. No matter where you are, these shining pieces promise to stand out.



diamond danglers
Photo: File/Divine Solitaires



The must-have solitaire necklace


You may have great looking collar bones that are one of your most striking features. But it would be a shame to leave them bare all the time. Make sure you pick a simple diamond necklace that brings all the attention to the neck.



must-have solitaire
Photo: File/Divine Solitaires



Every detail on an ornament brings it closer to look like what it is really is. Such a delicate and intricate design is not only a sign of skilled artistry but also of real charm. This neckpiece could be the very piece you can pair with dresses in pastel shades.



lariat necklace
Photo: File/Divine Solitaires



A lariat necklace is a must-have solitaire piece when you want two different looks with one piece. When you’re confused about what necklace you can wear, always wear a versatile design like this one. Because not only will you have more options with it but you will also exude twice the charm.


The not-so-basic diamond bracelet


After your face, your hands are going to be the next thing people notice. You can switch between rings and bracelets or even wear both together. If a fine bracelet is your choice of ornament, then we have something you will adore! 



must-have solitaire
Photo: File/Divine Solitaires



A little round groove for each solitaire creates a semi-bezel setting for the stones. This bracelet with a simple clasp is the one you need if you are looking for charm on your wrists.



Photo: File/Divine Solitaires



It would be a shame to miss a diamond bracelet with so many solitaires. Let the jewel speak for itself once it is on your wrists. An ideal pick if one solitaire is not enough for you!

A must-have solitaire ring



must-have solitaire
Photo: File/Divine Solitaires



A semi-bezel set solitaire gently clasped between the tapering ends of a gold ring makes for a chic motif. Always keep it simple and classy!



diamond ring
Photo: File/Divine Solitaires



The real charm of this diamond ring lies in the head’s design. While the undergallery has four grooves, each with a shining stone within, the basket setting above holds the treasured solitaire. Whether this is a gift from someone special or a treat to yourself, you’ll love it!

Whatever be the occasion, you should not be wasting time looking for the perfect piece of solitaire jewellery. Whatever time you invest in looking for fine daily wear solitaire jewellery should be only when you’re buying it.

These must-have pieces also ensure that you won’t be at the risk of wearing the wrong kind of jewellery. Simple jewellery will not only be a subtle addition to your look but also your best styling companion.

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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