July 6, 2019
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Diamonds & millennials: A fresh outlook

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Diamonds have been among the most precious stones for a few centuries now. It is so valuable that some diamond jewellery is also passed down as an heirloom from generation to generation. People hardly ever sell them since there is a lot of sentimental value attached to a diamond.

There is always a beautiful or at least, an interesting memory associated with a diamond. It is these memories and sentiments that make diamonds so valuable and not only in the financial sense.


The millennial’s view


While that was the case with the previous generation, what is it that millennials feel about diamonds? We are a generation that values lightweight and versatile jewellery over bulky ornaments.

Unless it is a family heirloom, most millennials do not go for heavy and detailed pieces. They tend to choose pieces that will not go too hard on their pockets.

That does not change the worth of diamonds as one of the rarest stones. Nor does it mean that they do not want diamonds at all. But what it shows is that that this generation finds smaller stones more favourable.

They also look beyond the brilliant round cut and try fancy cuts like pear, oval and cushion. Solitaire jewellery is another way they can conveniently own diamonds without splurging.

That would mean that the ornaments would have just one solitaire and perhaps a few side stones, at the most. This way they can own a few dainty and elegant pieces that can be worn across all occasions.


Changing for good?


Another notable trend is that millennials are open to shopping for solitaire jewellery online. While this is the case most of the time, they prefer buying engagement rings at stores in person.

This shows that while they are ready to purchase light solitaire jewellery online, they’re cautious while making major transactions.

However, this is no indication that they’re willing to buy substandard goods online. While the previous generation may have blindly trusted their family jeweller, millennials always seek certified diamond jewellery.

Authentic diamond jewellery brands always give a diamond certificate that assures consumers of the diamond’s quality. In the long run, a diamond certificate also helps keep blood diamonds or conflict diamonds out of the market.


Ready to experiment with diamonds


Millennials are not shy of coloured diamonds which is a change from what the earlier generations sought in diamonds. For them, a clear stone is important for a solitaire engagement ring but otherwise, they are comfortable with coloured stones.

This, of course, depends on what colour metal they choose for the engagement rings. A solitaire on a rose or yellow gold ring can, and ideally should have some colour to blend in.

A general trend among millennials is to buy solitaire jewellery that they can upgrade after a certain period of time. Even young couples do the same with their solitaire engagement rings, maybe a few years after the occasion.

Be it renewing their relationship or creating a new milestone, they can fulfil their dream of owning a larger solitaire. Few jewellers offer good upgrade policies where you can have a bigger solitaire without spending too much.

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