May 18, 2020
diamond bangle

Making a diamond bangle? Here are some tips.

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We enjoy wearing a variety of designs when it comes to clothes, shoes and jewellery. With our diamond jewellery, there are different designs for every piece you choose. Each style is good to go for an appropriate occasion. A diamond bangle is one such piece of jewellery. For years, a diamond bangle or bracelet was thought to be suitable for traditional wear. But who would have thought that they’d be a good match for western wear?

When you make a diamond bangle for yourself, it is a little different than other jewellery. For one, you need not think too much about the design. Most designs are the best when they are simple. Secondly, you can have a variation in the size of the diamonds on your bangle. Here are the tips you can follow to make your own diamond bangle.

Starting with the design

Also known as the setting, the ornament’s design can help you know how you want your piece to look. This mainly depends on how your wrist looks. Bangles and bracelets tend to suit a lot of people, irrespective of how their wrists are. Whether you have skinny or healthy wrists, an appropriate style can suit you well. Stay away from broader band designs if your wrist is small. The design should blend with your hand and not stick out like a sore thumb.

Never choose a very elaborate design for daily wear. It not only looks too detailed but will also distract you from your daily tasks. You need something light for every day, perhaps with fewer or smaller stones.

The stones for a diamond bangle

If you’re selecting a solitaire first, know the 4Cs of a diamond well. Did you know that a perfectly cut, colourless and flawless diamond is the best? Even a small diamond that is clear and well-cut will shine brilliantly and look amazing on any jewellery. You can select your diamonds from an entire solitaire listing.

Very few bangle or bracelet designs use just a single diamond. Usually, there are several smaller diamonds along with a few larger ones. You can tweak the size of the solitaires as per your liking.

Depending on the gold colour and also your budget, you can choose the diamond colour, clarity and size. Stones with a faint yellowish tinge are great for yellow and rose gold. Similarly, colourless diamonds are the best for white gold.

Bringing it together

The final step is when your diamond bangle is ready! You can also choose to create an assorted set. For traditional wear, you can combine two different bangle designs for a fancy look.

There is another way to wear your diamond bangle if you want a balance between the sparkle and gloss. Simply pair your diamond studded bracelet with a plain gold bangle. It is also a good idea to add a couple of solitaire bangles or bracelets to a stack of plain colourful bangles for a more elaborate look!

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